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Immortals ended Week 3 of the League of Legends Championship Series 2021 summer split with a 2-1 record, putting a stop to the team’s four-game losing streak. Before the dip, this IMT lineup came into the season swinging with a 3-0 start, looking like a rejuvenated and better-realized version of its spring-self. A quick recovery from their recent slump has fans and analysts alike wondering just how far they can go.

Immortals’ two impressive victories over Cloud9 and FlyQuest this past weekend give definite weight to this newfound praise, but the team’s rising stock has just as much to do with their work out of the game as it does on Summoner’s Rift. Following IMT’s win against FlyQuest on June 20, Upcomer caught up with top laner Mo “Revenge” Kaddoura to learn more about the strong bonds that have helped carry the team through their exciting start to the summer, as well as his personal progression as a player.

“We’re like a group of brothers.”

How did a 7th place team become one of the most interesting LCS teams to watch in only a matter of months? According to Revenge, the answer has to do with more than just a few good performances to start off the summer split.

IMT Revenge
Immortals celebrate after a win against FlyQuest on Day 3 of Week 3 in the LCS 2021 Summer Split. | Provided by Riot Games

“We spend a lot of our free time that we have with each other outside of the game,” Revenge said. “It just feels like we’re as connected outside of the game as we are in the game. It’s not forced, it’s just natural for us.”

Immortals is one of three teams still competing in the summer split with the same starting lineup from the spring. The team barely missed playoffs, but according to Revenge, they took full advantage of their long offseason and some newly lifted COVID-19 restrictions by building up their relationship as a team. For Revenge, personally, he’s gotten much closer with the team’s bot duo Quin “Raes” Korebritz and Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw. Now, the team is comfortable helping each other through the various stresses and emotions that come with competing in the LCS.

“We have such an advantage, especially when things are getting more stressful,” Revenge said. “Like, when we were 0-4, we can come together outside of the game and help each other get through tough times. Awesome. That’s really important right now.”

Revenge added that even when it comes to fulfilling more mundane player obligations, like recording content with sponsors or content creators, the positive team atmosphere makes it easy to have a good time. According to Revenge, recording content mid-split can sometimes be stressful, so he and his teammates try to view it as an extra opportunity to pal around outside of spamming games.

“I don’t know if most teams do have something like we do,” said Revenge. “I would say probably not.”

Becoming the subject of conversation

At the beginning of 2021, Revenge was a young player getting his first shot at an LCS debut as a starter. In a past interview with Upcomer’s Nick Ray for Hotspawn Esports, he stated Immortals chose him as the team’s best fit for top lane because the organization saw potential in him.

“They told me that they want to develop me and that they believe that I have a higher ceiling than I’ve shown,” Revenge said. “They want to get me to that level and they believe they can get me there.”

Now, with his first full split under his belt, the former Riven one-trick is currently leading all LCS top laners in overall KDA with a 3.9 ratio according to Oracle’s Elixir. Revenge excels at playing Lee Sin, Viego and Gwen and with the current meta centered around those high-agency fighters in the solo lanes, he’s had even more time to shine. Against FlyQuest on Sunday of Week 3, he had a pop-off game on Viego, going 4/0/7.

IMT Revenge
With his first full LCS split under wraps, Revenge is constantly pushing himself to become the best player possible. | Provided by Riot Games

“I was really glad to be able to pull out the Viego today against FlyQuest. It was like the dream Viego game,” Revenge said. “I mean, it felt like a perfect game for me. It was just so crisp; I was really happy with it. This was probably one of my favorite LCS performances.”

Revenge said he doesn’t feel like he’s come close to reaching his ceiling as a player. He works every day to show his teammates and coaching staff that he’s constantly striving to meet the high expectations he sets for himself. Even as someone who prioritizes competition and improvement over all else, Revenge mentioned his desire to differentiate himself and his teammates as personalities within the league is a helpful motivator.

“I want our team and myself, specifically, to be someone that people want to watch and talk about. I think that’s a really cool position to be in,” said Revenge. “I’m easing more into that area of finding ways to build fans and finding ways to build a personality. It’s something I’m trying harder and harder to do. It’s going to happen with time, and I think results in LCS help promote that the most, so that’s why I prioritize that as well, too.”

The new dark horse

Based on what we’ve seen from Immortals so far, it’s safe to say they’ve earned the title of a dark horse as LCS playoffs approach. As a team, they’ve shown their ability to contend with the top half of the league, and key players like Destiny, mid laner David “Insanity” Challe and jungler Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir – who haven’t looked as flashy in previous splits – are beginning to perform to the expectations most people had of them on paper.

The summer split is only three weeks in, so anything can happen between now and playoffs. For now, the bar for Immortals has risen by a significant margin. It’s clear that this isn’t a team that should settle for a top-eight finish, and more people are beginning to take note. Despite the added pressure, Revenge finds himself less concerned of meeting the expectations of others and more focused on taking things a step at a time.

“On a personal level, I know that I’m doing good,” Revenge said. “I’m improving and that’s all that matters to me for now. I think I’ll just continue to show it against the rest of the top laners in the league and eventually, with time, it just falls into place.”