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Former New York Subliners player and Content Creator Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto parts ways with the organization that he started the Call of Duty League with.

ZooMaa exploded in popularity in the Call of Duty community after he retired from professional play due to a reoccurring injury to his hand. Shortly after, ZooMaa began to consistently stream while under the New York Subliners banner. With over 193,000 followers on Twitch and over 77,000 subscribers on YouTube, the Italian Stallion has cornered the market for Call of Duty content.

After retiring from professional play, ZooMaa started “The Flank” alongside Co-host Ben Nissim, who worked with FaZe Clan as the team’s manager in Black Ops 4. Alongside CDL Intel, The Flank has become one of the top resources for fans to get the inside scoop on what’s going on in the Call of Duty community. This information ranges from exclusive interviews with players to speculating incoming roster moves.

ZooMaa thanks New York

ZooMaa played for the Subliners throughout the Modern Warfare season and was expected to play for them during Cold War before his prolonged injury forced his retirement. While on New York, he brought the organization its first home series championship. Additionally, he also brought thousands of fans to the Subliners brand from the following that he has been cultivating for years.

“I want to thank the New York Subliners for a great two years,” ZooMaa said on Twitter after the announcement. “Representing New York City on stage was an honor, especially winning our home series which was an incredible feeling I’ll never forget.”

With the following that The Flank and ZooMaa have accumulated over the Cold War season, any organization would be honored to be represented by them. In his original statement, after the news broke, ZooMaa did not state whether he plans to join another organization in the future.