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For Honor continues to receive considerable backlash regarding its Responsive Dialogue System. As previously covered, Ubisoft launched an open test to showcase its expansion, Marching Fire. Despite some positive feedback regarding the new Breach game mode and the new Heroes, the RDS fared poorly. Ubisoft’s decision to recast new voice actors for their beloved heroes was met with derision. There’s controversy with the original voice actors’ availability. The new voice actors appear amateur, and their lines are in English instead of the factions’ native languages. Bottom line: Players ain’t happy.

Ubisoft re: Responsive Dialogue System

On this week’s Warrior’s Den, the For Honor devs issued a statement after weeks of outrage. In addition to the community developer, creative director Roman himself made an appearance. The team offered reassurance that they have heard the community loud and clear, and have a decision: They will not be releasing the RDS with Marching Fire. Roman has come to the conclusion that it isn’t living up to its potential. They are postponing the Responsive Dialogue System until further notice. The team feels like the system is not at the level of quality yet for release. It does stand to be noted that this is what the open test is for. It’s for gathering information and making a decision, similar to a beta test. At this point, the information points to withholding the RDS’s release.

The For Honor devs will not be releasing the Responsive Dialogue System with Marching Fire

The community’s reception?

This decision so far has been met with overwhelming approval from players. Many fans of For Honor actually like the idea of the Responsive Dialogue System; they just dislike its implementation and feel like it requires more work. It isn’t all cheer, however. Some players are pessimistic about the amount of work Ubisoft will put into improving it. Several Reddit users worry that it will receive minor tweaks and be rushed out. As with many things in game development, only time will tell.

Warrior's Den
Ubisoft had more in store for players than a response.

What else is coming

The Warrior’s Den has a lot of neat stuff in store in the coming weeks. Not the type to waste time after their official reply, Ubisoft announced some new stuff coming up also. The weekly content is three new outfits: Blurring Fate, Crystal Gem, and Enchanting Spell.

There’s also the “Coin Toss” emote, available at a discount of 4K steel. A previously-added emote in the game, it’s back until Sept. 27. The highly-acclaimed game mode, Carousel of Death, is also back until Sept. 27. For those who missed it, this is a mode where teams must kill every player at relatively the same time to win. Players who are killed get put on a timer before they respawn. This requires a fair bit of cooperation and teamwork to pull off. It’s considered one of the most enjoyable event modes For Honor has had.

Accompanying Carousel of Death is a special event order: Special Slayer Challenge. To complete this order, a whole faction has to score the most takedowns in Carousel of Death. This goes until the 27th also, starting on Sept. 24.

Ubisoft further promises a lot of new content to be showcased regarding Marching Fire next week.

What are your thoughts on the RDS? Do you agree with Ubisoft’s decision to postpone it? Ya know what to do.