Riot Games employees return to office without mask or vaccine regulations
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Riot Games are pushing employees to return to the office. | Provided by Riot Games

Report: Riot Games employees return to office without mask or vaccine regulations

Despite precautions, many employees remain uncomfortable

Riot Games is bringing employees back to its office in Los Angeles without requiring masks or COVID-19 vaccines, according to a report by Waypoint on Thursday. The article claims some Riot employees are scared to return while others have resigned due to the decision.

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Waypoint reported that Riot Games’ chief security officer Christopher Hymes sent a message to employees that the company would drop its in-office mask mandates and required testing for employees who have not provided proof of vaccination. The change was prompted by Los Angeles dropping indoor mask mandates, alongside guidance from organizations like the WHO, CDC and OSHA.

Upcomer reached out to Riot Games for comment, but the company did not respond before the time of publication.

“In accordance with LA County health orders, Riot strongly encourages, but does not require, all individuals to wear a face-covering while on Riot’s property,” said a Riot spokesperson to Waypoint about the changes. “That said, we know that some Rioters will feel more comfortable wearing masks, and we want our campus to be a place where people feel safe to take whatever precautions best fit their needs. We are encouraging Rioters to have open communication and to be empathetic and accommodating toward those colleagues who prefer masking up.”

Riot Games have also installed a MERV rated air filtration system, contact tracing, daily health risk assessment to enter the campus and free N95 masks for employees who need them. They are also providing these services despite being under no requirement to do so.

Despite the precautions, a former Riot employee quoted in the article said the return to office always loomed over Rioter’s heads. Several team members have already left because they wanted to work remotely on a permanent basis.

The article also raised concerns about how Riot’s in-office COVID-19 regulations all require employees to self-regulate, from asking each other to wear masks to self-reporting when they contract COVID-19. Meanwhile, employees at Activision Blizzard staged a virtual walkout over the company rolling out a similar set of policies.

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