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On January 16, the Australian CSGO team Renegades qualified for IEM Katowice through Oceania’s closed qualifier. They qualify after beating ex-genuine 3-1 in a best of five grand final. They will be attending the $500,000 Polish event this February, in addition to Dreamhack Leipzig later this month.

Renegades will fill the final spot left open for IEM Katowice after qualifying through Oceania’s closed qualifier. They join in one of the most stacked tournaments of the year as all HLTV.org top ten teams will be in attendance. This includes the likes of Astralis, Liquid, Mousesports, and fellow Australians 100 Thieves.

Renegades qualify despite a new roster

Dexter and co. were still a force to be taken seriously at the Oceania closed qualifier. Recently swapping long loved player Ollie “Dickstacy” Tierney for former Order player Jordan “Hatz” Bajic did little to slow them down. Renegades were almost undefeated, as they fell in only one map against ex-genuine in the grand final.

Renegades were the statistically the best team at the IEM Katowice Oceania closed qualifier. According to hltv.org, Renegades had a team rating of 1.18 over nine maps. Leading the charts for Renegades was Joshua “INS” Potter who averaged a 1.29 rating during the qualifier.

What this means for the Renegades

Qualifying to IEM Katowice is a big deal to the players and their new organization. Renegades will be able to prove themselves on the bigger stage for the first time since the Starladder Berlin Major in late August. IEM Katowice and Dreamhack Open Leipzig are the only two LAN events confirmed for the squad thus far. A good showing at these two events would help to solidify that they can compete on the top level in the years to come.

Renegades will be looking to impress at IEM Katowice. For more CSGO, read our coverage of  Team Envy benching Fugly from their CSGO roster.