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Renata Glasc is the second new League of Legends champion of the year, following Zeri before her. Unlike Zeri, however, Renata has a strong win rate right at release, inspiring Riot Games to give her a small nerf so that she doesn’t get out of hand.

Win rates with new champions are always somewhat volatile as players learn how to play them and play against them, but usually, they start off below 50% and grow from there. Renata already hit a 52% win rate in solo queue for Platinum and higher ranks less than a week after her release, though. With her available soon for pro play, this nerf was needed.

Riot is only nerfing two pieces of her kit: her passive and her W. Her passive is somewhat hidden damage when she and an ally of hers attack the same target. Since it’s a bit hidden and requires some form of coordination, Riot suspects this will specifically weaken her in higher elo, which is where complicated champions like her thrive.

Renata’s also getting a nerf to her most criticized ability, her W, Bailout. Bailout is her steroid ability that also provides a conditional revive. Riot has increased the W cooldown to lower its uptime and also reduced the effectiveness of the revive portion.

For champions who should die while buffed by Renata’s Bailout, they instead return to full health, rapidly decaying unless they quickly get a kill or an assist. Previously, champions had three seconds to get a kill and would revive with 35% max health, but now they only have 2.5 seconds and revive at 20% max health.

These Renata nerfs will go to live servers on their own as a micropatch; they’re not shipping with the Patch 12.5 changes they just announced. Fans can check her out and look out for how she may shape the pro meta in a couple weeks.