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Energy drink maker Red Bull has announced it will be debuting a new League of Legends show. Entitled “Metamorphosis,” the Twitch stream is scheduled to start Wednesday July 29.

It will see League pros read and discuss excerpts from Franz Kafka’s classic 1915 novella Metamo… wait. That’s not it.

Metamorphosis will actually be an fun stream involving ex-LoL pro players and stream personalities testing out oddball builds and unique champion picks in off-meta roles. They’ll apparently be working with the stream chat for ideas, which will hopefully make for a cool interactive LoL show experience. You can watch it every other Wednesday at 4pm PT, only on Red Bull’s official Twitch channel.

Red Bull’s new LoL show has star power

So far, the presenters and players confirmed for the new LoL Red Bull stream include:

  • Former LCS interviewer Ovilee May
  • Popular streamer KayPea
  • Former Cloud9 and FlyQuest pro, Hai
  • Comedy streamer and Youtube creator Trick2G
  • Former Cloud9 and Curse pro-turned-streamer BunnyFuFu

That’s some lineup. The following of each individual host alone should be enough to draw in a fair few viewers for every other week.

“Through Metamorphosis, Red Bull’s once again proving themselves a beloved part of the LCS community by finding fun new ways for players and fans to experience League of Legends,” said Riot Games’ Head of NA Partnerships Matt Archambaul. “We can’t wait to see the crazy compositions that players throw onto the Rift.”

Riot has a good working relationship with Red Bull. The Austrian drinks manufacturer sponsors and runs teams in a whole load of esports as well as physical sports. Last year, they cemented their relationship as official partners in all League of Legends competitive events. That includes a Red Bull SoloQ 1v1 tournament to be run later this year, an amateur tournament for a spot in at the League of Legends All-Star event and various other sponsorship opportunities.

Red Bull sold 6 billion cans worldwide in 2019, with an income of about $821 million. So, we’re sure they can afford to splash out on a new platform for supporting League of Legends content creators.

So, who are you excited to see hit the Rift on the new Red Bull show? What off-meta builds do you think will go down well with viewers? Let us know in the comments below.

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