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The Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament is making its way to Australia this year. It’s the biggest university esports tournament in the world, and this year Australia will be represented. Students from all around the globe will be teaming up to play Valorant, while representing their respective university. Competitions take place in multiple different locations, before converging for a global final.

Red Bull Campus Clutch

The Campus Clutch online competition is centred around Valorant. Fifty countries are taking part in the tournament, with over 300 universities represented. Currently, competitions are taking place in India and the Netherlands, with many countries having already completed their national finals. However, a number of national finals are taking place this weekend too. You can watch the remaining finals by heading over to the Red Bull Clutch website. Some of the games will also be shown on the RedBullIT official Twitch channel.

Australian competition

The Australian portion of the tournament will be held this April. Qualifiers will take place April 8 to April 16 and the national final will be held on April 24. Registrations are currently open and interested students can head to the Red Bull website to enter a team of five. Players must be over 18 years old and be enrolled at an Australian university. The competition provides an opportunity for any Valorant player to get their name out there and gain experience playing against a diverse group of players.

Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch
Image via Riot Games

The Australian winning team will take home $12,500 AUD worth of prizes from Intel, AOC and SteelSeries. They’ll also have the chance to represent Australia on the global stage later this year. The Australian team will compete alongside winners from each of the participating countries. Teams will be fighting to claim €20,000 during the World Finals of the Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch. The winners of the World Finals will also get the opportunity to watch the Valorant Masters event, which is set to take place in Reykjavík, Iceland this May. Of course, that in-person event depends on how the COVID-19 situation unfolds this year.

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