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A legendary partnership reforged

At Daily Esports, we’ve recently been reviewing some quality Razer products. But Razer isn’t all about their products. They are also looking to back esports teams, and reigniting an old relationship. Razer has announced they are once again teaming up with Alliance, a world-renowned esports organization. Alliance has players across many popular esports titles, including Dota 2FortnitePUBG, and more.

Razer co-founded Alliance in 2013. The team was designed to promote and support Scandinavian and European esports. The aim was to enable talented players in the region to compete on a global scale. In the same year, Alliance went on to win Dota 2‘s The International.

Since 2013, Alliance has built a considerable global following. They have many successful and notable players on current and past rosters. Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg, for example, is the biggest Dota 2 streamer on Twitch. He’s part of the lineup.

Strategic partnership between Alliance and Razer

As part of the two-year arrangement, Razer will be providing players with their latest gear. Players will have access to many of the Razer peripherals, including the Kraken headset.

Razer’s CEO and co-founder, Min-Liang, commented on their partnership with Alliance:

Razer helped create Alliance in 2013 because we saw an esports team that shared many of our core values. Since then, Alliance has continued to build their organization and community with a spirit of teamwork, fairness and dedication that has seen them achieve great success. I’m proud to once again partner with Alliance and, with the backing of Team Razer, Alliance are going to build a formidable line-up this year to make a huge impact within the esports arena.

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Jonathan “Loda” Berg, the CEO of Alliance, is just as excited. Although, Berg is not only the CEO: He captained the team to their Dota 2 championship in 2013.

By working with Razer, the team will have access to Razer’s extensive player-inclusive research and development program. Alliance will also have input on Razer’s new products. Berg is really pleased with the new partnership:

Today, I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Razer back as one of our main partners for the next 2 years. When I first started competing under Alliance, Razer was one of the first partners to come on board and support us. In 2013 when we won the Aegis at The Internationals, it was with Razer. Armed with Razer’s high-performance esports peripherals, our players and talents will now surely be ready for any stage or competition. Razer is a true pioneer in esports, made for gamers, by gamers – as a now player-owned organization, we cannot wait to continue growing the next big superstars of esports together.

This is a very strategic relationship that builds on existing values of both organizations. Values like teamwork, dedication, and community. We’re sure to see great things come from Alliance as they strive for their next The International victory.

Check out Alliance and Team Razer for more info. Plus, keep an eye on Daily Esports for details on The International.

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