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Razer ups their game, literally!

Razer seem to be in everything at the moment. From new team partnerships, to streaming gear and esports peripherals. They’ve got all their bases covered. We caught up with Lalor McMahon, the ANZ Regional Marketing Manager for Razer at the recent IEM Sydney. Lots of fans came through the Razer booth to check out their gear, especially with some of their new Razer Blade laptops. Lalor says IEM Sydney has been “a lot busier this year.” He gives us a rundown on new products he’s really excited about and Razer’s market direction.

Razer laptops

Packed with power, the new Blade 15 laptops are definitely the highlight for Lalor:

We just announced the Gen 9 version. They are running RTX graphics cards 2070 and 2080. They’ve got the 9th Gen CPUs in there and you’ll be able to do a lot of things in terms of content creation, video rendering, streaming, and for the power users out there — doing a lot of editing, but also for the gamers. Being able to play the games at their highest refresh rates and settings — 240Hz refresh on the screen — it’s amazing!

No longer do people have to choose among gaming, streaming, and video content. You can now do them all at once! This becomes increasingly more important as the lines blur between gamers and content creators. We suspected Razer is making strategic decisions to look into other aspects of the technology market, while still keeping gamers at the heart of what it does. When we asked Lalor about these aspects of the business, his reply spoke to our new generation of gamers and workers:

Of course! We want to make sure we’ve got the best equipment for any purpose out there. Whether or not you’re using the Blade’s Stealth in the office or at uni, then being able to bring it back home and plug it into the Core X Chroma and turn it into a battle station. Or have a 15″ gaming laptop that’s ultra small and ultra powerful, and really really easy to move around. And still being able to play the latest games at the best rates, and even the Blade Pro we just refreshed — 17″ variant with all the latest graphics cards and Gen 9 CPU. We’re really trying to have that crossover, not just for gamers, but also for power users and office users.

The base model for the Razer Blade starts at $1,499 US ($2,349 AUD). The Core X Chroma system boosts your gaming power and will set you back $399 US ($649 AUD).

New things coming

There are lots of fancy Razer things on the market. We wanted to find out what Lalor is most excited about:

It has to be the haptics and that sort of thing. The Nari Ultimate is one of the first products we’re bringing out with the haptics. So it gives you that force feedback in your ears and really immerses you in the games. But yeah, look, the Razer gear is always awesome, so it’s always great to play around with it and [I’m] really excited for the future!

We were lucky enough to review the Nari Ultimate. Check out our take on these new haptic headphones.

Razer continues to bring out more amazing gear for all gamers, content creators, and professionals. Keep an eye out for our incoming reviews on the Razer Basilisk Essential mouse, and the new Razer tournament controller.