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Razer expands their best-selling lineup for the value-conscious gamers

Recently, we were lucky enough to review the Razer Ifrit and Razer Nari Ultimate. For many gamers, the prices may be a little too steep for these headsets. So, what if you’re a budget gamer looking to upgrade? Razer has you covered. They’ve updated their best-selling peripherals for the value-conscious gamers. The Razer Blackwidow, Basilisk Essential, and Kraken are all getting a boost without an increase in price. We were lucky enough to receive the new Kraken headset. Coincidentally, we had an old Kraken sitting on the desk. This version is probably about five years old. Let’s compare the pair and see what’s really up with the new Razer lineup.

The Razer Kraken

This new headset is the successor to the Kraken Pro V2, another headset we’ve had in our collection. The new update features cooling gel-infused ear cushions. These are super comfy. Immediately after placing them on one’s head, the cooling effects can be felt. These replace the older leatherette ear cushions. The new headset is slightly bigger too. The ear cushions have a larger radius, and the headband has extra thick padding. It’s all about comfort these days, and you definitely need comfort when gaming for hours. Like most Razer headsets, the Kraken features a retractable microphone. However, the new Kraken has some improved ambient noise rejection, which is noticeable, especially when working in a noisy open-plan office.

A bauxite aluminum frame ensures the new Kraken is sturdier and tougher than previous versions. We’re also loving the inline mute and volume controls. These are easy to use on the fly and ensure the headset has great cross-compatibility.

Overall, it’s a great update on a lovable Razer product. The Kraken is available in the traditional green, as well as Quartz pink. The Kraken for Console features black and blue highlights. It’s available for $79.99 USD ($149.95 AUD). That’s great value for the money. If you’re wanting something with better noise canceling, in-game sounds, and more control over your audio, you might want to take a look at some of the higher-end models. But for the budget-friendly, everyday gamer, these are perfect. For more info on the headset and to purchase, check out the official Razer Kraken page.

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