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There hasn’t been too much to complain about for the first few days of the Valorant Closed Beta. By all accounts, it seems Riot Games has put together a fantastic FPS. The mechanics are fluid, the gunplay is challenging yet rewarding, and the Agents mesh well with each other. However, one Agent, Raze, is standing out a little too far from the rest of the lineup. Players immediately noticed how overpowered the demolition expert was, but now, two days in, she’s beginning to annoy the player base. Riot Games has now stated a Raze nerf could be considered.

Raze nerf soon?

There’s no arguing that Raze possesses the most damaging abilities in Valorant. Out of all of the Agents, she’s the only one where all four of her abilities can cause physical damage to an enemy. Her Boom Bot “Gary,” satchel charge, cluster grenades, and rocket launcher all can kill an enemy if the circumstances are right.

This likely isn’t what Riot Games intended when designing Raze. Valorant is more about tactical gameplay than straight RNG luck with throwing a grenade. So, after seeing the data pour in from the Closed Beta, it appears Riot is looking at making some changes.

One developer, Ryan “Morello” Scott, had this to say on Reddit after seeing so much talk about Raze.

Riot Games Valorant Raze nerf
Image via @ValorantSource on Twitter

While the developer doesn’t definitely state a Raze nerf is coming, it seems one might be in the works. According to Morello, Raze’s high damage output is meant to move enemies out of popular positions. However, the high damage has been killing enemies more than doing what it was intended to do.

If we do see a nerf for Raze, we can expect the double cluster grenades and rocket launcher to be affected. It’s unclear when a nerf for Valorant’s explosive Agent would arrive, but Riot presumably needs more time for testing and data-gathering.

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