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As Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 1 progresses, it seems that developer Raven Software has made some aesthetics changes in the mid-season update, including the look of Gold camo that players can unlock on Vanguard weapons. When Season 1 first launched, Gold camo from Vanguard looked original in Warzone Pacific. However, today, the camo looks nothing like it did when the season began.

While a majority of players liked the previous version of Vanguard Gold better, that doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem with the change. Raven Software failed to communicate anything about changing the camo in a set of patch notes or on social media.

Vanguard Gold camo changed in Warzone Pacific

Players and content creators alike picked up on the change to Gold camo. YouTuber JGOD did a side-by-side comparison of Vanguard Gold previously in Warzone Pacific as compared to now.

The first iteration of Gold had a white and black swirl design that accompanied the Gold on most of the weapon. This certainly separated the camo from Vanguard multiplayer.

Later in Season 1, the devs decided to change this design back to the one that’s currently present in Vanguard multiplayer. This includes removing the white and black swirl and replacing it with a black woodgrain finish. Raven Software didn’t alter any of the other Vanguard camos. Diamond and Atomic look as they did when Season 1 began.

It’s unclear whether this is a bug with Vanguard Gold camo or if this was intended by the developers. Either way, there hasn’t been communication from Raven Software on the camo in Warzone Pacific.

In a community update yesterday, Activision stated that more communication from developers would be the norm “going forward.” Perhaps an update on the status of Gold camo is coming soon.