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The highly anticipated Spirit Blossom event is here, and Daily Esports has you covered. The League of Legends Spirit Blossom Festival is running from July 22 until August 24, making for a pretty rewarding summer. The biggest aspect of the event involves a new lore map where you can form Spirit Bonds with many popular champions.

In the Spirit Bonds event, players can engage in story-based conversations and complete missions to form and build relationships with various champions. It’s definitely one of the more tricky events League of Legends has done so far, so we have a full breakdown for you below.

Opening the map

The League of Legends client opens up to a large map, encouraging players to explore the Spirit Realm. There are several options on the map; players can choose to receive game info, unlock their event pass, or “explore more.”

  • Players must meet mysterious spirits to earn rewards, such as icons, tokens, and chromas.
  • Completing missions helps level up relationships and bonds created with the spirits. Additionally, players can unlock bonus missions to receive the champion’s exclusive emote.
  • To receive more tokens from story missions, players are suggested to use the Spirit Blossom Event Pass.

I’ve got the gist, so what are Spirit Bonds?

The Spirit Blossom Festival represents the fine line between the real world and the spirit realm. This is the only time that both worlds come together, allowing a chance for players to interact with spirits. Each spirit has its own personality, whether they’re playful or friendly. The only way to find out is to get to know them, and that’s where the fun begins.

Crossing over to the spirit realm is what makes the new Spirit Blossom map interactive and fun. Players can build relationships with champions by clicking on their faces.

Each time a player speaks to a spirit, they will earn”favor” that will help unlock new Episodes. This progresses a champion’s story, and eventually, they’ll reveal their mysterious intentions.

What is “favor?”

Think of gaining favor as a points system. Players can form bonds with champions, leading to more favor and a stronger relationship.

Gaining favor ultimately rewards players by providing them goodies, such as:

  • Getting to know a champion and learning their story
  • Rewards such as champion shards, summoner icons, and tokens

Players can earn favor in various ways, such as:

  • Completing champion-specific tasks (listed below)
  • Playing a specific champion
  • Playing as they normally do (Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, Teamfight Tactics or Nexus Blitz)

For more information, you can visit the official Spirit Blossom event page.

What are the ranks?

Players can strengthen the bond with their champions, leading to higher ranks. Climbing the ladder in ranks rewards them with special goodies.

  • Rank C (Requires 25 favor)
    • Champion Shard
    • Premium: 25 Tokens
  • Rank B (Requires 50 favor)
    • 15 Tokens
    • Premium: 25 Tokens
  • Rank A (Requires 75 favor)
    • Champion Icon
    • Premium: 25 Tokens
  • Rank S (Requires 100 favor)
    • 15 Tokens
    • Premium: 25 Tokens

As the event comes to an end, players can show off their newly-found relationships and rewards gained throughout the summer.

Be sure to work towards getting an S-rank, as this proves your unbreakable bond with your champions! Follow Daily Esports for more information on the new Spirit Blossom Festival.

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