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Rainbow Six Siege developers have announced that they will soon implement an Unranked playlist in the game. The standard playlist for multiplayer is Casual, which is great for beginners to practice and play. Casual games have no ranking system and go for 3 – 5 rounds. Ranked is the competitive playlist, but it only becomes available after reaching level 30. With Ranked, there are restrictions which make rounds shorter, fewer maps available, and a pick and ban system, among other rulesets.

Unranked Playlist

With the introduction of an Unranked playlist, players will be able to play in a Ranked environment without having to worry about losing their Rank or MMR. The switch between Casual and Ranked may be difficult for some to become familiar with playstyle. As such, Unranked will allow players to smoothly transition between the playlists by learning about the various rulesets of Ranked.

This is also a great way for existing players to try out new strategies and practice certain skills in a Ranked environment without losing MMR. While Casual is a watered-down version of Siege to many, Unranked may become the new Casual game mode.

Because Unranked will feature the same rulesets as Ranked, sanctions because of player actions will also carry over. This includes Reverse Friendly Fire and rage quit punishments.

Operation Ember Rise

The Operation Ember Rise update also details a new Champions Rank that a player can reach once they have 5000 MMR. The top 9999 Champion ranked players with the highest MMR will have their standing number displayed on their rank. Other additions include modifications to the map pool, such as Casual dropping to 14 maps along with Ranked and Unranked to 12 maps.

The maps taken out of Casual include House, Presidential Plane, Yacht, Favela, Theme Park, and Tower. Hereford, Theme Park, and Fortress are also being removed from Ranked and Unranked, while the reworked Kanal will be added.

The Unranked playlist and the other updates have all gone live on the Technical Test Server as of Aug 19. What features are you most excited for with Operation Ember Rise? Operator balancing, general improvements, bug fixes, or something else? Let us know in the comments, and keep up with all of the latest Rainbow Six Siege news and content here at Daily Esports.

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