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Now that Evil Geniuses have unveiled their full roster, the three big North American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams — Team Liquid, Complexity Gaming and EG — are all out in the open. In 2021, no NA team could consistently stack up against Liquid, but hopefully that’s all going to change in the 2022 season. There are heavy-hitters on all three of these teams and there’s potential for all of them to do some damage in the Tier 1 international scene.

While there’s always potential for a new NA CS:GO roster to rise from obscurity or one of the Tier 2 teams (Party Astronauts or Extra Salt, for example) to firmly break into the big leagues, chances are NA’s best hopes are these three teams. With no shortage of talent, this is the year for NA to start digging the region out of the hole it’s been in through the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, in the unlikely event that a NA team rises to the top and dethrones Natus Vincere, look no further than these three newly-minted rosters.

In Evil Geniuses there’s the reunion between the three former Cloud9 members. Complexity took a risk by acquiring the core of Extra Salt. Finally, Liquid is revamped with the return of Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella from VALORANT and a couple other familiar names.

One question you might have if you’re new or returning to NA CS:GO is which of these teams you should throw your support behind? Do you value winning over everything or do you want to support an underdog? Do you want veteran fan favorites or newbies looking to make their mark? Take the quiz below to find out whether you should rally behind Liquid, EG or Complexity.



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