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Trevor “Quickshot” Henry took to Twitter to announce his return to LEC casting Friday. Quickshot has casted both League of Legends European Championship and many international events for the game over the years.

Quickshot returns to the LEC broadcast

Quickshot has been radio silent since his last tweet on Aug. 21, 2021. He announced on Twitter that he would be returning to the LEC broadcast on Week 1 of the 2022 spring split. Quickshot posted an image and a Twitlonger explaining his absence to his fans.

In the announcement, Quickshot discussed his struggle with burnout, working for Riot Games non-stop since 2013 and describing the work as a “non-stop grind.” With increasing responsibilities and the compounded stress from COVID-19, Quickshot chose to step away from social media and chose to take a break as the work has begun to impact his personal life, according to his statement.

“As my role developed and changed,” Quickshot said. “So did my responsibilities and expectations and after so many years, combined with an extremely difficult couple of years complicated by [COVID-19], I began to suffer from burnout which impacted my personal and professional life. A break was needed and at the end of August.”

The Twitlonger then continues to talk about how he took to therapy to aid in his mental well-being. He mentions how well the therapy has worked and that he is excited about the path that lies ahead.

“I’m happy to share that my time in therapy has been great,” Quickshot said. “I’ve learned a lot about myself, developed new skills and have a deeper understanding of what I need to do for me, for my mental health and for me to perform at work.”

He ends the Twitlonger with a message of thanks towards his fans and expressed his excitement for the LEC next season, which begins on Jan. 14, 2022.