PUBG Corporation acknowledges hurtbox bug

Rusk1turbo's video documentation will help PUBG isolate and fix a long-standing issue

PUBG's Icon Alexander Lee · 13 May 2019


Screenshot via Rusk1turbo

A PUBG Corporation representative has responded to reports of a game-breaking bug that surfaced over the weekend. The response came in the form of a post in the /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS thread dedicated to the glitch.

The bug was first discovered by Pittsburgh Knights streamer Rusk1turbo, who posted a two-minute Twitch VOD explaining the issue on Sunday.

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According to Rusk1turbo’s video, the glitch occurs when one player is watching another player in a prone position from a distance. If the prone player is hiding behind cover and stands up using the space bar, they appear to instantly stand up from other players’ point-of-view. However, from their end, the prone player will still go through the normal gradual standing animation instead of immediately teleporting upwards. As a result, the hurtbox of the prone player is revealed before they can act, leaving them briefly vulnerable.

Rusk1turbo expressed surprise that the glitch had never been discussed before, stating that the issue in question was in the game “for a very long time.” “I haven’t been able to find anything of the sort,” he said about online discussion regarding the bug.

The glitch appears to be distance-based, as players within a certain proximity of the prone player will see the gradual standing animation rather than the immediate stand-up seen by players from a farther distance. The bug does not seem to be associated with any specific scope.

“Love detailed videos/explanations like this, it really does help a lot,” wrote PUBG Corporation community coordinator PUBG_McClutch in the thread. “We’ve forwarded it through to the team for them to investigate.”

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