PUBG pro proposes to girlfriend on stream at PEL Kick-off Cup

His girlfriend was a semi-pro herself.

PUBG's Icon Alexander Lee · 2 May 2019


Screenshot via PEL_esports

Turkish PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds professional Mert “ABeautflDeath” Ozturk proposed to his girlfriend, PUBG semi-pro Zeynep “Rita” Sualp, on stream at the PUBG Europe League Kick-off Cup. The Digital Athletics member waited until the the conclusion of the Group A group stage matches to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Although Rita seemed shocked by the proposal, it appears that ABeautflDeath’s plan was not a surprise for all. As he voiced his proposal, romantic music began to play over the venue’s sound system, with the screens surrounding the main stage turning pink before displaying hearts and romantic phrases. Thanks for being bros, PEL production team.

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ABeautflDeath and his team have reasons to celebrate beyond Rita’s enthusiastic affirmation of his proposal. Digital Athletics slid into the finals by the skin of their teeth, securing the eighth-place position in their group by only three points. The team had reached as high as fourth place overall during the earlier days of the group stage.

With heavy-hitters like Na’Vi, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Team Liquid leading the field going into the final stage of the Kick-off Cup, it’s likely that Digital Athletics’ dream run will soon come to an end. But thanks to his memorable proposal, ABeautflDeath has ensured that he and his now-fiancée will be at the center of the event’s most memorable story.

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