PUBG update 27 goes live, rebalancing firefights and guns

PUBG's Icon Alexander Lee · 28 Mar 2019


Image via PUBG Corp.

The 27th update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just went live today, and it includes a number of significant gameplay changes in order to balance firefights and give attackers and defenders an equal shot at winning.

To bolster defenders, the PUBG developers have reduced “aim punch”—that is, the amount that one’s aim is thrown off after being hit—by half. Thanks to this change, receiving the first hit in a firefight is no longer as big of a disadvantage as it once was. On the other hand, the healing process has been lengthened, making it a better idea to turn around and fight if attacked than to run away and hope for a quick heal before your opponent hunts you down.

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The update also includes a number of changes to weapon damage. The SMG now does more damage to limbs, while the ammo count of the Vector and the UMP have been switched in order to make the Vector a more attractive option. A stock attachment has been added to both the M16A4 and AK mutant, increasing these weapons’ effectiveness in close-range combat. Furthermore, extra attachments such as pistol quickdraws have been distributed around PUBG maps, making it easier to upgrade one’s weapon mid-game.

This is the first PUBG update since PUBG creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene left the game’s development team, and could represent the first steps in a significantly altered development strategy. With a glut of battle royale titles hitting the market, the PUBG developers are working hard to make their title stand out from the field.

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