PUBG ends its PC update drought Patch 26—includes new vehicles and world-spawning flare gun

PUBG's Icon Alexander Lee · 27 Feb 2019


After a week of beta testing, the 26th update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds went live earlier today on the game’s PC servers. Alongside a number of smaller tweaks, this update includes two vehicles and balance changes for the flare gun weapon.

The two new vehicles are both exclusive to PUBG’s Vikendi map. One, the Snowbike, was removed from the last patch at the last minute due to “critical issues;” now that it is finally out, players will find that it is a smaller, faster vehicle intended to replace motorbikes on Vikendi’s snowy terrain. The other vehicle, the Zima 4x4, is bulkier, with additional armor that slows its speed as it ably maneuvers around the snowbound landscape.

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As for the flare gun, the previously event-only item has become a world-spawning item, albeit a rare one. The weapon has also been nerfed somewhat. Now, it notifies nearby players when used, and it will only successfully deliver a care package if used after the first blue zone phase. If used outside the current safe zone, the weapon will instead summon an armored UAZ.

The nearly month-long stretch between PUBG’s 25th update and this latest patch is the longest patchless period in PUBG history. The game’s developers typically put out a new patch every week or two, and this slowdown may indicate that the game is nearing a level of balance that they consider satisfactory.

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