PUBG Guide: Less popular areas to land on Erangel
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PUBG Guide: Less popular areas to land on Erangel

Firing up a new game is always a great feeling, but it’s not great when you have no idea where to go for the best chance of winning. The following PUBG guide is designed to give a detailed overview of the less popular places on Erangel.

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We’ll start with the first map introduced to PUBG, the first of the 8x8km maps, and by far the most popular for new players. Packed with large cities, villages, bases, and landmarks, Erangel is seen by many as an industrial and historical setting.

Less Popular Areas on PUBG


Zharki is a small lighthouse village situated at the top of the island. The small town features variously sized houses and a small lighthouse.

For new players, Zharki may be a good start as the area is not greatly popular unless the plane’s path is directly over it. Nine times out of ten, players seek more action elsewhere which leaves Zharki overlooked and quiet most of the time.


Severny, a medium-sized town at the top of the map, is a nice place to land for all skill levels. The town features a large range of houses, shacks, and even a church.

It may be quite rare that you land here alone as the town is quite popular. However, the buildings are very close together limiting combat during the looting period.

Something to remember: if the plane’s path is directly leading into Severny from the opposite side of the map, there may be a lot of AFK player drops which may make Severny a hotspot for players wishing to seek easy kills. I’d personally avoid the town if this situation were to happen.


One of the few attractions on the island. Stalber is a small concrete area situated at the peak of a hill. A perfect place for snipers to get some early kills looking over Polyana or Severny.

The area features a row of concrete shacks and a watch tower, however, just like shooting range, there will more than likely only be enough loot for one or two players so I would advise you take your squad elsewhere.

Shooting Range:

The shooting range is a small, enclosed area with limited amounts loot scattered around. There is a row of tables and one building. If landing alone, the loot may be enough to get you started but I wouldn’t advise landing here in a squad or a duo as there will not be enough loot to go around.

However, shooting range is surrounded by a West and East bunker, a place to grab some more quick loot. Still not enough to go around for the whole squad unless you get really lucky.


Ruins is a small attraction and by far the most irritating area to land at. I emphasise “irritating” as the surrounding areas are very popular: Pochinki, Water Town, and Rozhok. It is also very overgrown and difficult to locate players sneaking up on you.

However, Ruins does have its perks. There is a nice amount of loot which could max out a solo or duo team. The church on top of the hill is a nice vantage point and the loot scattered around the ground can be rewarding at times.

Water Town:

I’ve included the Water Town in this guide merely because it is a semi-popular area. The area is not named on the map but I hope it receives one in future updates. The water town is a compact flooded town filled with a variety of houses and rooftop access. Combat around water town is a headache, to say the least, but using rooftops to your advantage is your best bet.

Typically, you won’t be alone here but it really depends on the kind of match you’re in.


The shelter is an underground lair which has several entrances and corners to practice your reaction speeds. Underground, there is a selection of crates and areas to find loot but be aware when you leave the area as players could be camping above you without you realising.


The mansion is an area featuring two large mansions and several small buildings surrounding the front lawn. Although the mansion may look appealing, loot is actually very limited. The mansion is typically occupied with other players and you will more than likely find it difficult to escape quickly due to the large fence surrounding the area.

However, the area does have a swamp in its back garden which is a nice place to keep quiet and sneak up on players looting the mansions. Personally, I wouldn’t advise that you land here unless you land far away and drive to the area to ensure you’re alone.


As for Lipovka, I would say it shared the same attributes as Severny or Zharki as it has small, compact variation of houses and buildings. Lipovka is typically the place to land if you want to stay out of combat for the first few minutes and gather a small collection of loot.


Gatka is a pretty underrated place. The main area which is marked by the name features small, one-story houses, however, you can venture out to the surrounding house sections or even to the quarry. Most of the time you will be alone, but don’t get carried away with how many buildings you may have as other players from surrounding areas may rush you.


Prison is a risky place to go in PUBG. The loot is mostly rewarding but you’re very far down and surrounded by mountains. Players coming from Shelter, Lipovka, or even Mylta can sit at the top of the hill and easily spot you. If the plane’s path is further away from prison and you travel towards it, you may be alone but always be aware of the mountains above you.

Ferry Pier:

There isn’t much to say about Ferry Pier other than it being a nice, compact area to gather loot. If the zone is situated over the Military Base, looting at Ferry Pier first may be a nice way to ensure you’re set to go over.

However, looting at Ferry Pier and deciding to take the bridge over to the base may be a very risky move. Bridge campers are a common occurrence in PUBG so I would recommend you tread carefully or find a boat.


Landing at Hospital is something I try to avoid! Not because it is greatly popular, I just never seem to find decent loot. I’m not saying you will never find loot, I would just vouch against going there.


Primorsk is my personal favourite place to land if I’m playing in duos or squads. The area is packed with warehouses, houses, and a cafe. Plenty of loot for you and your team, however, the area is very popular if the plane’s path is near the town so I would recommend you land elsewhere and travel to Primorsk via vehicle to ensure you have the place to yourself.


Get your wellies on because it’s time to step into the farm! The area contains several houses and barns and a fair amount of loot for you and your team. However, Farm is located next to Mylta town which is a popular landing zone. Always be wary of others around you as you may be distracted by how much there is around the farm.


This area is split into two sections: Mylta Town and Mylta Power. Mylta town has a large range of buildings and warehouses which is more than enough for you and your squad to max out. Mytla Power, on the other hand, is a smaller section with more rewarding tiers of loot. The area is quite popular and you will more than likely have company if choosing to land here.


The quarry is the community’s least popular area. I don’t have a problem with it myself, however, every time I land here I tend to be alone or with no more than one to two players. The area is a looting frenzy but the only downside is that it is in a big, deep hole in the ground making you very visible to others above you.

This guide is part of series I intend to carry on. Future editions will include the most popular places to land on Erangel and the same for Miramar and Sanhok.

If you enjoyed and/or found this guide useful, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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