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The reigning champions of the Pacific Champion Series, PSG Talon earned their second consecutive domestic title after a 3-2 victory over Beyond Gaming in the grand finals. After losing against Beyond in the upper bracket and breaking their perfect game record for the season, PSG clawed their way up from the loser’s bracket to secure the PCS’ No. 1 seed heading into the 2021 World Championship.

As expected from the two best teams in the PCS, the series itself was close until the very end. PSG set the pace for the match with a statement victory in Game 2 defined by star bot laner Wong “Unified” Chun Kit’s 7/0/7 kill/death/assist ratio and carry performance on Aphelios. From there, the titans went blow for blow and the Mid-Season Invitational quarterfinalists came out on top in the end. 

With the PCS 2021 summer split wrapped up, the budding region’s Worlds seed is now locked in. PSG Talon are seeded directly into the main event as the PCS’ first seed, while Beyond will slot into the Play-In Stage where they’ll fight for the chance to join the domestic champs. 

PSG Talon stole the hearts of many around the globe during their impressive run at MSI 2021. Despite the team’s bot lane wunderkind Unified sitting the tournament out (and Beyond Gaming’s Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan subbing in for him), PSG placed in the top four at the event and even took a convincing game off of the eventual champions, Royal Never Give Up.

Aside from Taipei Assassins’ 2012 World Championship victory, the best finish the PCS (then League of Legends Master Series) has had at Worlds was Flash Wolves’ semifinals qualification in 2015. With the region’s two representatives decided, fans will have to see whether or not the historically underrated PCS can reach new heights on the international stage. 

At the 2020 World Championship, PSG Talon had to sub out jungler Kim “River” Dong-woo and then-mid laner Park “Tank” Dan-won for the entirety of the tournament due to visa issues. Unified was also subbed out due to visa issues, but only missed the Play-In Stage. 

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