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After unveiling a new weapon skin bundle in VALORANT and before dropping the Patch 11.10 notes for League of Legends, Riot Games anchored a busy news day with the reveal of League’s next major event: PROJECT: Bastion.  The event will release on May 27 and furthers one of the game’s richest skin lines. Seven new skins across six champions are coming as Mordekaiser, Renekton, Sejuani, Senna, Sylas and Varus join the PROJECT universe. The new set is headlined by the Legendary tier Mordekaiser skin and the additional event-exclusive PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition.

Prestige Edition Sylas headlines seven new PROJECT skins

PROJECT is one of the richest cosmetic themes in League of Legends. The skin line has evolved over the years with six major releases, starting with the initial PROJECT: Yasuo skin. Following the success of that 2014 skin, Riot has launched near-annual events that add to the PROJECT collection. The 2015 release was titled Overdrive and included Fiora, Leona, Lucian, Master Yi and Zed. With Disruption in 2016, Ashe, Ekko and Katarina joined the fold.

The PROJECT line then evolved in 2017 with Hunters. New skins for Jhin, Vayne and Vi dropped alongside an in-game event that added missions and crafting. This symbiosis between cosmetic launches with playable content was then refined and enriched by the time the next batch of skins came to the collection. When PROJECT: Reckoning released in 2019, League of Legends had its new battle pass system in place. Reckoning was therefore the first pass event in League’s cybernetic universe. Along with skins for Akali, Jinx, Pyke and Warwick, the event gave Irelia the first PROJECT-themed Prestige Edition skin.

If the upcoming PROJECT: Bastion event is anything like Reckoning and other recent pass events, it will offer a host of new content, including loading screen borders and player icons for the new Mordekaiser, Renekton, Sejuani, Senna, Sylas and Varus skins. PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition will be the new event-exclusive and will likely cost 2,000 event tokens to unlock.

Check out the in-game models and skill animations for the new skins on the official League of Legends Twitter page.