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The fan-favorite PROJECT universe will return to League of Legends on May 27, with the upcoming PROJECT: Bastion Battle Pass. The event will introduce seven new skins for six champions, including a Prestige Edition skin for Sylas. The arrival of Bastion will also mark the return of the Nexus Blitz special game mode.

PROJECT: Bastion battle pass event

With the conclusion of the Space Groove event on May 4, it was only a matter of time before Riot Games announced the next League of Legends event. Upcomer speculated yesterday that the next event could be PROJECT-focused. Riot confirmed that possibility Tuesday afternoon.

This is the fifth major content drop in the PROJECT series. After Overdrive in 2015 (aka Alpha Strike) and Disruption in 2016, each subsequent skin set has come alongside an in-game event. Hunters in 2017 was an old school League of Legends event from the pre-Battle Pass era. The first PROJECT battle pass event was Reckoning in 2019. This event also introduced a Prestige Edition skin for Irelia; the first prestige skin in the substantial content line.

Riot confirmed that PROJECT: Bastion will come alongside its own event pass. If Bastion follows the trend of all previous pass events, it will likely come with a long list of new missions and a 2,000 event token price point for the PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition skin.

New PROJECT skins revealed

When PROJECT: Yasuo released as a standalone skin in 2014, fans rallied around the cyberpunk aesthetic. This resulted in Riot Games developing a rich universe around the PROJECT thematic that has spanned eight years and now carries 25 different skins.

The following is a timeline for each PROJECT skin release:

  • 2014: Yasuo
  • 2015 (Overdrive): Fiora, Leona, Lucian, Master Yi, Zed
  • 2016 (Disruption): Ashe, Ekko, Katarina
  • 2017 (Hunters): Jhin, Vayne, Vi
  • 2019 (Reckoning): Akali, Irelia, Irelia (Prestige), Jinx, Pyke, Warwick
  • 2021 (Bastion): Mordekaiser, Renekton, Sejuani, Senna, Sylas, Sylas (Prestige), Varus

In addition to the seven new skins revealed today, Riot Games confirmed another on the horizon. A previously released PROJECT skin will receive a new Prestige Edition makeover. The skin is expected to drop in the coming months and will cost 100 Prestige Tokens upon release. This unknown skin will become the third PROJECT Prestige Edition skin and the 26th skin in the PROJECT line overall.