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Following the teasers and announcement video of the new Project skin line, another announcement has come from Riot Xenogenic on Twitter. Riot Xenogenic is the design lead for the teams who work on all League of Legends events and the skins surrounding them. In his tweet, he responded to a user question of whether there would be a prestige version of a Project skin. Riot Xenogenic responded that there will be a full event and a prestige skin available with the patch introducing the new project skins.

When can we expect the Project event?

There are several places where we can find clues as to when the event will likely hit live servers. First, the current Arcade 2019 event is set to end on July 30. Historically, there are a few days between the end of one event before the new one starts. The next clue can be found on the support page of Riot Games, which lists the projected patch schedule on the website. July 31 is the date set currently for the 9.15 patch to hit live servers. As such, we could expect the Project 2019 event to go live in the days following the patch if everything is stable.

What can we expect the event to include?

The Project 2019 event is expected to be similar to past events, just surrounding a new skin theme. What this means is you can probably obtain the following for purchasing the event pass:

  • An Icon
  • Four event orbs (Including champion or skin shards, Project tokens or other crafting materials)
  • 200 event tokens to get you started.
  • The ability to earn extra tokens towards the prestige skins by playing games.
  • Extra missions to gain XP, blue essence and possibly more loot boxes.

What are the Project skins?

As we covered yesterday when Riot first teased the event, we currently have four champions confirmed to get a new Project skin.

  • Akali
  • Jinx
  • Irelia
  • A legendary skin of Pyke

Riot has yet to confirm, however, which of these skins will receive the prestige skin. Besides this, the company has confirmed a 5th Project skin, but it has not yet revealed who will receive it. As we covered yesterday, several signs point towards Warwick being the 5th champion, but we’re still waiting for official confirmation.

Update: Scratch that! In a new tweet from the official League of Legends Twitter, they have officially confirmed Warwick as having the 5th Project skin.

What do you think of these skins? What else would you like to see in this event? Let us know in the comments. And make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for more League of Legends updates and news going forward!

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