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Riot Games has announced Pro View, an upcoming service that will give viewers many more resources when watching professional League of Legends matches. The service promises a host of new features, including multi-view streams with POV feeds, live timelines and data, and personalized viewing with friends. The service will premiere in the 2019 Summer Split, although it will only be available for the LEC and LCS. The initial price point is set at $14.99 USD for the LCS and €14.99 for the LEC.

Pro View’s long-awaited features

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Perhaps the most anticipated feature of Pro View will be the availability of POV streams at every position. While the general streaming angle provides valuable information across the map and can switch from fights easily, a POV stream provides viewers with a better look at how each player is reading the map. Riot Games has been implementing POV streams recently, although viewers weren’t given the choice to watch each player. Whether you just want to watch your favorite player or you want to learn about a matchup, POV streams are a welcome addition.

The multi-view streaming function complements the POV streams well. Even if you wanted to watch one player in particular, you won’t be forced to miss out on fights in other lanes. And while Pro View only promises up to four streams at once, it is hard to think of a scenario where one would want more. Live data graphs are a welcome addition, as well. While not as compelling as POV streams, live statistics give more information to each user.

Another benefit to Pro View is that all of these features are available both live and as VODs. If you find yourself struggling with a lane matchup in solo queue, you can easily go back and watch how pro players dealt with the lane. This feature gives content creators more freedom as well. Advanced breakdowns of individual plays or laning mechanics will be much easier to create with POV stream recordings.

The future of Pro View

For the first season of Pro View, only the LCS and LEC matches will be available. As mentioned prior, the price point sits at $14.99/€14.99, with an additional package that includes both leagues. The “All Access” package including features for both regions will likely cost more. The service runs until the 2019 Worlds Championship. If Pro View sees success in the West, there is a good chance the service will be expanded to other regions as well.

Riot has stated that future Pro View subscriptions may see a change in price as further content is added. They also stated, however, that proceeds would go to regional leagues and teams to continue growing League of Legends as an esport.

Currently, the Pro View service is an add-on to the lolesports website’s streaming page. There is no indication of mobile support for the service yet, although it is being kept open as a possibility.

What do you think about Riot’s newest streaming service for League of Legends pro matches? Will you be purchasing a subscription to Pro View? What features do you feel like are still missing from Pro View? Keep an eye on our page for any new information about Pro View!