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Pokémon UNITE has released a new patch that features multiple balance changes to powerful meta Pokemon. The update also includes the release of Dragonite, the newest All-Rounder that will be flying into the scene.

General balance changes in new Pokémon UNITE patch

The new balance changes introduce a lot of nerfs to strong Pokémon in the meta. The main nerfs were towards Gardevoir, who had just been buffed the last patch with more damage. However, this patch had those buffs essentially reverted. Moonblast and Psyshock now do less damage than before. Moonblast’s cooldown had also been increased.

Another significant nerf is Wigglytuff’s UNITE move, which has been a staple of the competitive meta. The shield and the effects of the UNITE move have been reduced, meaning allied Pokemon will have less invulnerability to hindrances.

Finally, Tsareena is also getting a nerf after it’s initial release, with Triple Axel having its damage reduced.

Slowbro, Decidueye, and Pikachu are also getting buffs in this patch. Slowbro has seemingly been forgotten as a Pokémon since it’s release. With improvements to Scald, Amnesia and Slowbro’s passive, the Pokémon may make it into the competitive meta.

Dragonite flies into the stadium

The new patch also comes with the release of Dragonite into Pokémon UNITE. The player will start as Dratini, Dratini evolves at Level 5 to Dragonair and then to Dragonite at level 9. Players will be able to see many dragon-type moves in action for the first time such as Outrage, Dragon Dance and Twister.

Dragonite also features one of the most unique UNITE moves in the game with Draco Impact. The amount of charge used depends on the distance that Dragonite travels during the UNITE. A short distance will only use a part of the charge, while travelling all the way from base uses up an entire UNITE charge.

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