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The Pokémon franchise turns 25 next year in 2021, and its developer has foreshadowed big news for the 25th anniversary in a Thanksgiving tweet. While everyone will have their hopes for what the news might be, we won’t get any real reveals yet it seems.

Here’s what the tweet says along with what we think might be in store for us in 2021.

Pokémon reveals it will have a 25th anniversary celebration

The Thanksgiving tweet says: “Need one more thing to be thankful for today, Trainers? Our Pokémon 25th Anniversary celebration kicks off in 2021! Stay tuned for more details.”

While this tweet doesn’t give anything away, it does confirm that there will be some form of 25th Anniversary celebration coming in 2021. Given the wording of the tweet and the significance of the event, we can assume it will be a big year for the Pokémon franchise.

Here’s what we might see next year

There are a few titles that we should definitely expect to see next year and a few others that we can speculate on (and hope for). Of course, there will surely be plenty of new merchandise, Trading Cards, and Anime episodes as well.

Titles we already know:

  • Pokémon SleepThis mobile app was announced back in 2019, but still hasn’t come out yet. It’s supposed to work alongside Pokémon GO as another way to incorporate the franchise into real-life activities. Instead of walking and exploring, this app will involve promoting a healthy sleep schedule.
  • Pokémon Unite: This title was announced in June 2020, and we haven’t heard any more about it since the initial announcement. It’s going to a MOBA (like League of Legends) with Pokémon as the playable characters. It will come out for mobile and the Nintendo Switch.
  • New Pokémon Snap: Here’s another game that was teased earlier this year that we still don’t have any official release date for. This one is a follow-up to the popular Nintendo 64 game and is all about snapping photos of the loveable creatures.

Possible new titles:

  • Diamond and Pearl remakes: Generation four is the next in line for getting a remake. Fans have been hyping up these remakes for years now, and it seems fitting for such a huge release to come in the 25th Anniversary year.
  • A new Let’s Go title: Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee came out in 2018 as a hybrid between the original gen one games and Pokémon GO. While it isn’t certain, it seems likely there will be more titles like this in the future.

As of right now, all we can do is speculate and wait and see what the Pokémon 25th Anniversary will entail. Make sure to stay tuned for more information!