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The Pokémon TCG Battle Styles expansion releases on March 19 and will introduce over 160 new cards, along with new mechanics called Single Strike and Rapid Strike.

Single Strike and Rapid Strike

This expansion introduces new cards that are classified as either Single Strike or Rapid Strike cards. Single Strike cards will have powerful attacks that require more buildup or have restrictions, whereas Rapid Strike cards will be easier to use but less powerful. Not every card will follow these mechanics, however, such as Tapu Koko V and Flapple VMAX.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Two of the first card reveals are good examples of the different styles. Urshifu V Single Strike can’t deal any damage until it has three energy cards attached to it. Its attack, Impact Blow, deals 180 damage but it can’t be used in succession. Urshifu V Rapid Strike can attack with just one energy, dealing 30 damage and enabling it to swap out. Its three-energy attack does 150 damage and it can be used every turn.

Pokémon TCG Battle Styles
Image via The Pokémon Company

New V and VMAX cards

In addition to the two different Urshifu cards, The Pokémon Company unveiled three other cards with the expansion announcement. Tapu Koko is getting new V and VMAX cards, and Flapple is getting a VMAX card. Tapu Koko V is an electric type that deals bonus damage for the amount of energy the opponent has, and Tapu Koko VMAX gets a bonus if  its opponent is winning the game. Flapple VMAX is a grass type that deals more damage the healthier it is.

The expansion will have 12 new Pokémon V in total along with six new Pokémon VMAX. Here are some other Pokémon V cards that The Pokémon Company has confirmed:

  • Mimikyu V
  • Tyranitar V
  • Empoleon V
  • Urshifu VMAX (one for each style)

In addition to all the new Pokémon coming in the Pokémon TCG Battle Styles, there will also be more than 15 trainer cards and two new special energy cards. TGC fans in Australia and New Zealand will also be able to enjoy in-person events again starting March 6.

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