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Shiny Amoonguss Pokemon

Pokemon is giving away a free shiny Amoonguss for a limited time

For an extremely limited time, Pokémon trainers worldwide can get a shiny Amoonguss for free in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The free Amoonguss comes from Pokémon Korea in celebration of the first official Video Game Championship Pokémon tournament in South Korea. Available until August 10, the shiny Amoonguss is based on 2019 World Champion Senior top four-player Baik Jongyoon’s Amoonguss.

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The code for the Amoonguss is: TRA1NERSCUP

To redeem the code, players must access the in-game menu and select “Mystery Gift”. From there, choose to receive a gift via code and players will be sent the Amoonguss shortly afterward.

Amoonguss features

The shiny Amoonguss isn’t just a fancy Pokémon. It comes with a ton of special features to match the one used by Jongyoon. Amoonguss comes at level 50 and has perfect IVs with zero attack and speed, as well as being fully EV trained. With its low speed, Amoonguss is the perfect Pokémon for Trick Room teams.

Amoonguss’s moveset is Clear Smog, Spore, Protect and Rage Powder. Spore is particularly dangerous, as it is the only move that applies the Sleep status with 100% accuracy. Just to drive home the power of this Grass/Poison Pokémon, it also comes with a Focus Sash and the hidden ability Regenerator. A Focus Sash will keep Amoonguss alive if knocked out from full HP in just one move. The Regenerator ability restores a third of Amoonguss’ HP when it is switched out of battle.

DailyEsports recently ranked Amoonguss as one of the best returning Pokémon in The Isle of Armor expansion. Players looking to add this shiny Amoonguss to their team have until 10:59 AM ET, August 10 to redeem their code. While the code for the shiny Amoonguss is listed as being for Korean players, it works in other regions as well. Make sure to follow Daily Esports for more Pokémon news, updates, and more.

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