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If you have an old phone or an old tablet that you’re constantly getting mocked for, Pokémon Go is going to add to your pain. Developer Niantic announced yesterday that Pokémon Go will no longer support devices running iOS 10, iOS 11, and Android 5. iPhone users are getting a double-whammy on top of this — iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 will not be able to run the game either, even if they are running iOS 12.

If you were waiting for a reason to upgrade your phone, perhaps this will serve as the final push?

Niantic didn’t say exactly why they were closing it down, although we can probably assume the reason is “old phone is old.” Most likely, these older models won’t be able to handle whatever updates are coming in the game’s future. Furthermore, if it requires extra effort to optimize for multiple operating systems, it makes sense if they want to focus on their most widely used OS’s.

Either way, when a new update for Pokémon Go rolls out in mid-October, these platforms will lose all access to the game. There is no “you’ll be able to run the game but not have access to updates or online features” element. Since the mobile game 100% relies upon internet access, it will effectively die upon the update’s release. If you find some way to continue running the game—without upgrading your device, obviously—Niantic will not provide any technical support.

Before Pokémon Goes away…

But before old phone-users lose access completely, there currently is a Mega Evolution Event going on right now. Between now and September 7th, there is a Mega Pidgeot event. Then there will be Mega Houndoom raids from September 11th to the 17th. A Mega Evolution research story will close it out from September 22nd to the 28th.

You have plenty of time to get some remaining Pokémon Go mileage from your phone before you finally bite the bullet and upgrade. Hope you weren’t still holding onto your iPhone for Fortnite reasons. You may have a slight Sophie’s Choice on your hands.

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