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PokemonGO: Kanto tour
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Pokemon GO to offer make up event for Kanto Tour mishap

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Pokemon GO’s highly anticipated Kanto Tour did not run smoothly. The ticked event, devised to celebrate all things in the Kanto Region, apparently let players in without paying. As a result, Niantic announced a make-up event at a future date for those who had paid for the event.

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Pokemon GO: Kanto Tour details

The Pokemon GO: Kanto Tour offered players a chance at two different ticket options: Red or Green. These were the first two versions ever available in the Pokemon franchise; both had their own unique Pokemon available to catch in each. All 151 were up for grabs. Players would trade with someone who bought the opposite ticket in order receive version exclusives. The event ran on Feb. 20 and cost approximately $11.99 USD. Purchasing a ticket before certain dates also gave players free access to bonus research stories during the community days that led up to the event. Players were given until Feb. 28 to complete the event. However, as Niantic quickly realized, many players didn’t pay to participate.

The Kanto Tour also had exclusive missions, rewards and collection challenges. Legendary Pokemon would also learn exclusive moves unique to the event itself. Those who participated took to Twitter to express their frustrations. Many also claimed that they weren’t impressed with the amount of shiny Pokemon caught during the event.

Although Niantic has announced a bonus event, there is no set date for when it will take place as of yet. Since ticketed players will get a second chance at this event, the idea is that this make up event will smooth over the mishap. It will also allow disappointed players another shot at shiny hunting. Moving forward, Niantic aims to iron out the bugs that allowed un-paid players into their event.