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The GO Battle League in Pokémon GO shifted formats from the Great League to the Ultra League yesterday, which means a new set of Pokémon will dominate the metagame. Here are some of the best Pokémon to pick in the new format, and why they are so good.

1. Giratina

Altered Forme

  • Quick Attack: Shadow Claw/Dragon Breath
  • Charge Attack 1: Dragon Claw
  • Charge Attack 2: Ancient Power

Origin Forme

  • Quick Attack: Shadow Claw
  • Charge Attack 1: Shadow Ball/Ominous Wind
  • Charge Attack 2: Dragon Pulse

Giratina offers a strong competitive typing with great bulk and attack. Its Altered Forme is preferred for PVP simply because it has access to Ancient Power as a charge move, which charges quickly and offers more coverage. Expect to see this Pokémon everywhere in the Ultra League, and bring appropriate counters. Of course, its best counter is itself, as it is weak to both Dragon and Ghost-type attacks.

2. Registeel

  • Quick Attack: Lock On
  • Charge Attack 1: Flash Cannon
  • Charge Attack 2: Focus Blast

Registeel is a bulky Steel-type Pokémon that packs a solid punch. Lock On generates charge about as fast as any quick attack in the game for Flash Cannon and Focus Blast. Its Steel typing gives it resistances against every move Giratina has to offer, so it is a great counter. But Registeel does need to watch out for Swampert and Poliwrath, who are common Ultra League picks.

3. Alolan Muk

  • Quick Attack: Snarl/Poison Jab
  • Charge Attack 1: Dark Pulse
  • Charge Attack 2: Sludge Wave

Alolan Muk is another great option to counter Giratina. Snarl and Dark Pulse provide great offensive options against the Ghost/Dragon-type, and it has one of the best Stamina stats in Pokémon GO. Its Poison-type attacks offer additional coverage against any Fairy or Grass-types that find their way into the GO Battle League.

4. Swampert

  • Quick Attack: Mud Shot
  • Charge Attack 1: Hydro Cannon
  • Charge Attack 2: Earthquake

Swampert was one of the top picks in the Great League, and it finds itself at the top of the Ultra League as well. Ground-type attacks work excellent against both Alolan Muk and Registeel, and it has access to Hydro Cannon, the best Water-type charge move. It really only needs to watch out for Grass-type attacks and Giratina.

5. Snorlax

  • Quick Attack: Lick
  • Charge Attack 1: Body Slam
  • Charge Attack 2: Earthquake

Snorlax has the sixth-best Stamina in the game, along with decent Defense and Attack stats. Lick helps it out against Giratina and charges up Body Slam and Earthquake reasonably quickly. There aren’t too many Fighting-types at the top of the tier list, so Snorlax doesn’t have a lot to worry about.

Even if you don’t decide to use these Pokémon on your team, be sure to prepare for them and have appropriate counters ready. You are bound to see a lot of these in Pokémon GO‘s Ultra League over the course of the next few weeks.