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The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Fall Championship is just around the corner and we’re ready to see some of the best players in the world stack their decks against the competition and see who will come out on top. Just ahead of the competition, we’re breaking down some of the major players in each region of competition. This one takes a look at the qualifying competitors out of Europe.


Thomas “Sintolol” Zimmer is one of Germany’s best. Competing for one of the newer esports organizations, Team Genji, Some of Sintolols achievements include making the top 8 of the 2017 World Championships where he barely lost out to Fr0zen who went on to play it to the finals. One of Sintolols favorite past times is to play the Blizzard MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Sintolol’s approach is one many players have gone with. Anti-control is one of the two most popular strategies. An unprepared player can easily fall victim to one of the many aggressive lineups out there.

You can check Sintolol’s Deck Codes here:


Rogue: AAECAaIHCMgDrwTzBZ0NysMCnvgC4vgC5/oCC4wCywPUBfUF3QiBwgKfwgLrwgLR4QKL5QKm7wIA

Shaman: AAECAaoICLIG+wyc4gKr5wLD6gKn7gLv9wKggAMLgQT1BN4F/gX/BZfBAsfBApvLAvPnAu/xAuL4AgA=

Warlock: AAECAfqUAwj7B/gM5sICoM4Cps4Cws4Cl9MCzfQCC/IF+waKB7YH4QeNCOfLAvHQAv3QAojSAtjlAgA=


Jan “Moyen” Moy is a Hearthstone player from Germany, currently playing for the Team Vertex with his teammates Zanananan and Zyrios. Moyen currently doesn’t have many achievements yet in the tournament scene of Hearthstone, but he is one of the best German Ladder players. Qualifying for the HCT 2018 Fall Championships is a strong debut for the young German.

Moyen has taken a very different approach from what he used to qualify for the event a few weeks ago. Completely switching things around, Moyen is going from a fully aggressive lineup to a more anti-control type lineup.

Here are Moyen’s Deck Codes:


Rogue: AAECAaIHCMgDrwTzBZ0NysMCnvgC4vgC5/oCC4wCywPUBfUF3QiBwgKfwgLrwgLR4QKL5QKm7wIA

Shaman: AAECAaoICLIG+wyc4gKr5wLD6gKn7gLv9wKggAMLgQT1BN4F/gX/BZfBAsfBApvLAvPnAu/xAuL4AgA=

Warlock: AAECAfqUAwiKB/sH+AygzgKmzgLCzgKX0wLN9AIL8gX7BrYH4QeNCObCAufLAvHQAv3QAojSAtjlAgA=


Roman “RENMEN” Kudriavtsev is a Hearthstone players from Russia. Renmen is most known for playing for the Russian HGG Team and placing 2nd in the Hearthstone Nationals for Russia earlier this year. Unlike many of the other players that qualified to the event Renmen is known to be a combo player. A few weeks ago he fought his way through the brackets with his lineup of Quest Rogue, Malygos Druid, Cube Warlock and Cube Hunter, which he played at a level not many people could.

Renmen unlike many other players stuck with the same strategy he qualified with. Combo decks are the way to go for him and he seems to be going all in on the strategy once more.

These are the Deck Codes Renmen has been using:

Druid: AAECAZICCLQD3gWZ0wKb6AL96wKa7gLk+wL1/AILQF/pAdMD5AigzQKHzgKY0gKe0gLb0wK/8gIA





Eden “Hatul” Zamir is a Hearthstone player from Israel. Still very new to the scene, Hatul only recently qualified to the HCT Fall Preliminaries through the Challenger Finals Qualifiers. These are massive open tournaments where the winner goes through to the next stage of the tournament. Hatul is also one of the representatives of Israel for the Hearthstone Global Games where he and his team competed. Even though they failed to make it out of groups, they put up a great fight in the matches we got to watch.

Hatul together with GeoLionKing are the only players to bring builds of Control Priest. The creative lineups seem to be Hatul’s style. None of the lists he brought to the event are being played by anyone else.  In his Control Priest he is playing cards such as Free From Amber which was previously only played in Spiteful Summoner Priest lists. Besides this he is the only player at the event to bring any version of Odd Warrior and Festeroot Hulk to the event as well which very unlike any other pro decks out there right now.

You can see Hatul’s Deck Codes below.

Druid: AAECAZICCqIJoM0Cws4CntICmdMCr9MC/eEC+eYC8eoC9fwCCkBf6QH+AcQG5AiIwQLJxwLm0wLd6wIA

Hunter: AAECAR8C6dIChtMCDo0BqAK1A4cEyQSXCMUI2wnd0gLf0gLj0gLh4wLq4wLc7gIA


Warrior: AAECAQcIn8IC08UCmu4Cze8CnfACkvgCnvgCoIADC0uiApMEogSOBYvhAsrnArrsApzzAo77Ap77AgA=

And that covers the qualifying competitors out of Europe for the HCT 2018 Fall Championship. Are you rooting for any of them? Who are your eyes on as the HCT Fall Championship kicks off? Don’t miss our other player breakdowns as well, including the North and South America HCT Fall Championship players

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(Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment)