Player Profiles HCT 2018 Fall Championship: China - Upcomer

Player Profiles HCT 2018 Fall Championship: China

The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Fall Championship is upon us and we’re ready to see some of the best players in the world stack their decks against the competition and see who will come out on top. Just ahead of the competition, we’re breaking down some of the major players in each region of competition. This one takes a look at the qualifying competitors out of China’s scene.

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Zhao ”CaiMiao” Haixiao is a Hearthstone player from China representing Team Ice Cola. The main thing CaiMiao is known for is his top 4 placement in the Gold Series earlier this year. More recently, we have seen CaiMiao compete at CN vs EU. CN vs EU is one of the largest invite-only tournaments held in China where he played a vastly different lineup from what he submitted for the Fall Championships.

Unlike the control lineup CaiMiao brought to CN vs EU, this time he’s taking a much more aggressive approach. One of CaiMiao’s strengths is his decision making. We will have to wait and see if this can pull him through this weekend at the HCT 2018 Fall Championships.

These are the Deck Codes CaiMiao is using:

Mage: AAECAf0EBnGWBqLTAvvsAu72Au+AAwy7ApUDqwS0BOYElgXsBcHBApjEAo/TApX/Arn/AgA=
Warlock: AAECAfqUAwb3BPcMysMCnOIC/eoCj4IDDDCEAc4HwgibywL3zQKfzgLy0ALR4QKH6AL09wLT+AIA


He “LPTrunks” Huan is one of China’s best Hearthstone players right now, representing the Chinese team LP. He will be making a return to the big stage after also participating in the Summer Championship earlier this year. One thing he is known for is consistently makes it far in the Chinese Gold Series which are some of the largest Hearthstone tournaments in China. Trunks won in Summer of 2017, getting 4th place in Spring of 2017, 3rd in the first event of 2018, and more top 32 placements throughout the past years.

Trunks and his practice partner Islandcat have opted for an aggressive lineup for this event, which are their bread and butter. It will be very interesting to see more of this legend of Hearthstone during the Fall Championship. One of the notable inclusions is the single copy of Lifedrinker in both Zoo Warlock and the Tempo Mage builds, which aren’t too common for players outside of China.

You can check out the Deck Codes for Trunks’ current decks here:



Wang “GoeLionKing” Zhe is a chinese Hearthstone Player, representing team Goe. GoeLionKing is most known for winning the 2016 Gold Series Open in Guangzhou, but has yet to prove himself on the international stage. As such, not much information is out there about him and his playstyle. This can work out to be a real advantage for him this event. He’ll have much less pressure from fans for him to perform compared to some of the other representatives of China.

GoeLionKing is one of only two players this event to bring Control Priest to the event. The anti-Control lineup could work out well for him if he gets through the first few rounds. However, if he ends up finding an opponent with an aggressive deck early on, he could be in real trouble.

Here’s the Deck Codes for what GoeLionKing is bringing to the Fall Championship:

Shaman: AAECAaoICt4F/wXTxQKc4gKr5wLD6gKn7gKe8ALv9wKZ+wIKgQT1BP4Fsgb7DJfBAsfBApvLAvPnAu/xAgA=
Warlock: AAECAcn1AgyKAaMBogLbBswI08UCoM4Cl9MC2OcC2+kCxfMCnPgCCbYHm8IC58sCrs0C8tACiNIC2OUC6OcCgIoDAA==


Liu “Islandcat” Chang is a Hearthstone player based out of Shanghai. Islandcat has yet to make a name for himself in the Hearthstone scene, but he does have some clout as the practice partner of “LPTrunks”. In the past Islandcat has worked as a coach and strategist for different professional teams. While we know he has the knowledge required to perform, what we don’t know is how much the nerves of the big stage will effect him. Because of this, we like his decision to bring aggressive-style decks, as they are much easier to play under pressure.

Worth noting that Islandcat’s preparation with Trunks shows, as they both decided to play much of the exact same deck line-ups. Who will play them best?

Mage: AAECAbSKAwpWtAPFBN4FxAaZ0wKb6AK/8gLk+wL1/AIKQF/pAdMD5AigzQKHzgKY0gKe0gLb0wIA
Warlock: AAECAfqUAwavBMrDApziAu/xAvT3Ao+CAwwwhAHOB8II9wybywL3zQKfzgLy0ALR4QKH6ALT+AIA
Rogue: AAECAYO6AgSvBMrDAp74Auf6Ag2MAssD1AXzBfUF3QiBwgKfwgLrwgLR4QKL5QKm7wLi+AIA

And that covers China’s players for the Fall Championship. Who will you be rooting for on October 11? Be sure to check out our other player profiles as well, including the Asia-Pacific qualifiers.

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