Player Profiles HCT 2018 Fall Championship: Asia-Pacific - Upcomer
Player Profiles HCT 2018 Fall Championship Asia-Pacific

Player Profiles HCT 2018 Fall Championship: Asia-Pacific

The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Fall Championship is about to go down and we’re ready to see some of the best players in the world throw down to see who will come out on top. Just ahead of the competition, we’re breaking down some of the major players in each region of competition. This one takes a look at the qualifying competitors out of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Tyler “tylerootd” Hoang Nguyen was born in Vietnam, but moved early on in his life to the Netherlands. Tyler is a long term ladder grinder and popular streamer. 2018 has been a year of transition for him, moving back to Vietnam and focusing more on the competitive grind. Over the years tylerootd has aimed to be the star of Complexity Gaming’s Hearthstone team alongside players “Casie” and “Mryagut”.

One unique part of Tyler’s lineup is the way he has build his Malygos Druid. With the inclusion of Faceless Manipulator and the Lich King, he has a much better shot in some of the control matchups. Compared to other builds of the deck, this comes at a cost of being off much worse against many of the aggressive builds, and in the mirror match as well. One other thing to note is the inclusion of Spellbreaker in Even Warlock which is a tech card giving a lot of advantages for mainly the mirror matchup and matchups such as the Deathrattle Hunter deck.

Check out the Deck Codes for tylerootd’s decks here:

Druid: AAECAZICCla0A5MExQTCzgKZ0wKb6AK/8gLk+wL1/AIKQF/pAdMD5AigzQKHzgKY0gKe0gLb0wIA
Hunter: AAECAR8K3gX4CNPFAobTApziArbqAsvsAoDzAuL4AqCAAwqNAZcIq  8IC2MICnM0C3dICi+EC4eMC8vECufgCAA==
Warlock: AAECAfqUAwryBYoH+AygzgKmzgLCzgKX0wLq5gLL7ALN9AIK+wa2B+EH+weNCOfLAvHQAv3QAojSAtjlAgA=


Jowen “Akumaker” Chee is a Hearthstone player born in Australia. Akumaker has been competing with the top of the Asia-Pacific scene since late 2016. Some of his notable results include a 2nd place at the Hearthstone Taipei Major in 2017 and a 5/6th place finish earlier this year at the HCT Sydney competition.

For the 2018 Fall Championship Akumaker has brought some of his favorite decks. Quest Rogue is one of Akumakers most played decks, which he frequently uses to reach the highest legend ranks. A notable thing of Akumaker’s lineup is his build of Token Druid. Including no Power of the Wild’s in his list is something not seen often. It will make the deck a quirky one to watch in action.

Here are the Deck Codes for Akumaker’s HCT decks:

Warlock: AAECAf0GBPfNApziAsvsAo+CAw0whAH3BM4Hwgj3DJvLAp/OAvLQAtHhAofoAvT3AtP4AgA=


Wu “Bloodtrail” Zong-Chang is a Hearthstone player from Taiwan. Bloodtrail is a newcomer who has been really impressive over the past year. Through only his ladder placements he has managed to qualify twice this year for the HCT Championships, which is impressive to say the least.

For the 2018 Fall Championship, Bloodtrail has brought a heavy Anti-Control lineup. We believe the choice to go with Anti-Control might become problematic for Bloodtrail. This time around there aren’t any actual control line-ups. On top of that, many players have opted for aggressive lineups, which Anti-Control often falls victim to. Time will tell how well Bloodtrail will do at his 2nd championship event, but one strong technique Bloodtrail has in his favor is his inclusion of Sacrificial Pact in his Even Warlock. Sacrificial Pact helps in both the mirror match and against Zoo Warlock, which is a deck brought by many players at the event. It may be Bloodtrail’s victory if he comes up against those decks.

Here’s the Deck Codes for what Bloodtrail is packing in the competition:

Warlock: AAECAfqUAwqKAaMBigf7B6DOAsLOApfTAurmAs30AoCKAwryBfsGtgfhB40I58sC8dAC/dACiNIC2OUCAA==


Sim “Ryvius” Dasol is a Hearthstone player from South Korea competing for team DDA.AC. Recently Ryvius was ranked the 8th best player in the world by InvenGlobal. Ryvius’ recent achievements include a top 8 finish at HCT Tokyo. Meanwhile, earlier in the year he placed 2nd at the HCT Bangkok tour stop and crushed the Fall Preliminaries for Asia-Pacific with an impressive 9-1 score.

Unlike the unique lineup Ryvius used to qualify for the championship event, this lineup is quite standard. Good matchups all around and some cool inclusions of cards such as Shadowflame in the warlock list. Could it be that he’s trying to play it safe against whatever may come? It will remain to be seen.

You can check out the Deck Codes for Ryvius’ decks here:

Druid: AAECAZICCFa0A8UEmdMCm+gCv/IC5PsC9fwCC0Bf6QHTA94F5AigzQKHzgKY0gKe0gLb0wIA
Rogue: AAECAaIHCLICrwT1BcrDAv3qAp74Auf6Avr+AguMAssD1AXzBd0IgcIC68IC0eECi+UCpu8C4vgCAA==
Shaman: AAECAaoICPsM08UCnOICq+cCw+oCp+4C7/cCmfsCC4EE9QTeBf4F/wWyBpfBAsfBApvLAvPnAu/xAgA=
Warlock: AAECAfqUAwiTAfsHzAigzgKmzgKX0wLq5gLN9AIL8gX7BooHtgfhB40I58sC8dAC/dACiNIC2OUCAA==

And that covers the qualifying competitors out of the Asia-Pacific scene for the HCT 2018 Fall Championship. Which ones will you have your eyes on as the competition commences? Don’t miss our other player breakdowns as well, including the Chinese HCT Fall Championship players

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