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Photos from Twitch Rivals: loltyler1 Power Meet 2

After months of intense planning and a successful first event, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and Twitch Rivals threw a souped-up, in-studio powerlifting competition to continue what has become a long partnership between the two parties. If a picture is worth a thousand words, their power meet series is worth a million. Explore photos of the Twitch Rivals: loltyler1 Power Meet 2 below.

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Tyler1 grabs his shorts to get ready for a lift at the Power Meet
Tyler1 gets comfortable for his lift. | Photo by Parkes Ousley/Upcomer

This past April, Tyler1 kicked off the new, non-gaming series on the streaming platform and found immediate success, more so than they ever expected. In that opening event, T1 put everything together and ran the show, partnering with Twitch Rivals but not utilizing their full suite of resources. After the event exploded, with broken Twitch records that pulled a huge audience to the rest of the participatingĀ fitness creators, Twitch Rivals dove straight in and took the reigns.

Thus, the Twitch Rivals: loltyler1 Power Meet 2 was born.

The first meet, though groundbreaking in its own right, left a bit to be desired as far as the visuals and operations were concerned. The second meet was much more produced than the first.

Twitch had around a 20-person crew or so in a large studio in LA where they built a custom gym, which included a giant TV, a desk for the hosts, a bunch of little spots for their many various sponsors and other supportive features. And their staff wasn’t just a bunch of camera operators and tech people, they also had a makeup crew, a spotter for Tyler1, a COVID-19 compliance officer and a bunch of extra help in the back just in case.

A photo of the full set of the second Twitch Rivals Power Meet.
The full set of the second power meet built by Twitch. | Photo by Parkes Ousley/Upcomer

Below are several groupings of otherwise unpublished photos from the second power meet. All pictures were taken by Parkes Ousley of Upcomer.

Tyler1 walks powerfully in the gym at the Power MeetTyler1 bends over to rest during the power meetTyler1 racks his squat weights.Tyler1 gets under the bar for a squat warm up at the second power meetTyler1 in a power pose after finishing his squat.Tyler1 flexes his bicep while his hosts stand behind him at the Power MeetMacaiyla looks at Tyler1 confused.Tyler1 and his fellow Power Meet companions smilingTyler1 braces as he watches a teammate lift.

A graphic of an extremely buff Tyler1 is displayed on a giant screen on the set of the second power meet.

Uber and Cheryl sit behind the Power Meet desk laughing

Tyler1 laughing with Macaiyla behind him at the Power Meet
Macaiyla raises her eyes at Tyler1
Tyler1 stands alone at the second power meet.Tyler1 screams at the deadlift bar to hype himself up.A photo of Tyler1 deadlifting.Uber points to a competitor in shock at the Power MeetTyler1 stands looking off in the distance in the second power meet.Macaiyla wraps her arms around herself to keep warm in the chilly studio.Tyler1 grabs his chest and Macaiyla cheers behind him.

Tyler1 flexes in preparation for a lift at the second power meet.

Tyler1 celebrates as he completes a lift.Tyler1 is sitting on a workout bench screaming at the Power Meet A photo of Tyler1 celebrating after winning the bench press in the second power meet.


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