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On Day 4 of the Mid-Season Invitational’s Rumble Stage, Pentanet.GG were eliminated, but the Oceanic representatives didn’t go out without a bang. In their second game of the day, Pentanet.GG claimed their first Rumble Stage victory against an unwary Cloud9. It seems like the NA reps were caught trying to have their cake and eat it too in celebrating their recent victory over RNG instead of focusing on the game at hand.

While the Pentanet.GG head coach is at home in Australia due to travel complications, Toby “Udysof” Horne was with the team in Iceland to help maintain the team’s practice routine and light hearted spirits. After making history with their qualification into the Rumble Stage, Pentanet.GG faced more pressure to perform, and with it, struggled to maintain their culture.

“We started taking things way too seriously,” Udysof said. “I think our nerves got to us in the Rumble Stage.”

But after their elimination, “the boys” played to their full potential, controlling nearly every aspect of their match against Cloud9 and making a statement about the strength and value of their region. Pentanet.GG have two more chances to show off before heading back home with their final games against PSG Talon and DWG KIA.

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