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Path of Exile PlayStation 4
Coming soon, to PS4!

Path Of Exile coming to PlayStation 4

Publisher Grinding Gear Games has a lot of hype for Path of Exile fans this year. In addition to announcing the release of private leagues, PoE is also announcing their largest expansion next week. And the hits seem to keep coming, as Path of Exile has released its PlayStation 4 trailer. This announcement comes fresh off the heels of a Taiwan rating board leak.

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Don’t worry — the trailer doesn’t mention the word “mobile” once.

 How Path Of Exile plays on PlayStation 4

Path of Exile is arguably the biggest competitor to Blizzard’s Diablo franchise. The game features similar point-and-click monster grinding and dungeon-delving. Players can customize their characters in over 100 different skill combos to wreak havoc. The game also offers challenging quests in the form of missions and city-building for each player. After Diablo III received considerable praise in the console scene, it only makes sense for PoE to follow suit.

Diablo‘s free-to-play counterpart joins the console party.

Grab your friends, grab a couch!

One of the most appealing aspects of Diablo III for next-gen consoles was the difference in both play style and socializing. As opposed to the PC version where the controls were limited to point-and-click, it’s assumed that Path of Exile will play just as D3 did. In console Diablo, players control their character via a controller. Joysticks are used to move the player’s character, and abilities are accessed via buttons. This adds a fun twist on a popular genre, turning your dad’s D3 into a gritty, extreme version of Gauntlet. (It’s okay if you don’t remember that game.)

The social aspect was really appealing, as well. Friends can fire up a PS4 or Xbox and play up to four characters cooperatively at once. This belies a stark contrast to the often more cumbersome meet-ups or normally solitary gameplay in the genre. Deemed “couch co-op” by gamers old and new, it’s a rather new addition to the RPG genre.

Path Of Exile co-op
Players can now rock Path of Exile together in the same room.

Path of Exile releases for PS4 this December. Will you be joining the carnage?