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League of Legends’ Patch 11.8 introduced a small update to one of the oldest champions in the game, Rammus, on April 13. The new Rammus update slightly altered his abilities. This specifically pertain to his ultimate, but these changes have also given him a massive amount of movement speed. Combined with his Powerball scaling, the champion can gain up to 3,500 movement speed.

How to move fast as Rammus

To achieve Rammus’ levels of insane speed, players must have Ghost as a summoner spell and Predator as their primary Keystone. A Cloud Soul for the movement speed boosts in the jungle can also increase the top speed for Rammus. Players can activate both Ghost and Predator to start and then launch into Powerball to zoom across the map.

The ability channels for six seconds and gains 25% to 39%, based on levels and bonus movement speed per second over the duration. It can go up to a maximum of 150% to 235% bonus movement speed. With the addition of the other multipliers — like Predator, Ghost and the Cloud Soul map — the movement speed numbers increase even more. Players can also add in other items to increase Rammus’ speed. These include Turbo Chemtank, Dead Man’s Plate or Cosmic Drive.

Along with his new ultimate, this amount of movement speed gives the champion unprecedented engage potential.

Powerball’s base damage was reduced in Patch 11.8. However, the ability was given an interaction with his new ultimate, Soaring Slam. The ability replaces Tremors and adds a level of complexity to his playstyle.

The ultimate allows Rammus to leap into battle and damage the area around him. Enemies in the area become slowed and take magic damage. If Powerball is channeled as he casts the ultimate, it will knock up enemies in the center of the area.