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Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla is making the virtual trip across the English Channel and joining the Paris Legion for Stage 4 of the Call of Duty League. Zaptius played for the London Royal Ravens alongside his longtime teammate, Paul “PaulEhx” Avila, for most of Stage 3 and put up decent numbers.

Zaptius now joins a completely new roster which, to put it lightly, is in disarray. Paris have failed to impress in the Call of Duty League this season, only posting five match wins throughout three stages. The Legion are hoping that Zaptius, who’s replacing Nick “Classic” DiConstanzo, is the key they need to make a late run for the champs bracket.

Zaptius will play with the Legion against Atlanta FaZe at the OpTic Chicago Home Series on Thursday, May 27.

Zaptius joins Paris Legion

This move was fully expected, as Zaptius was one of the only notable free agents on the market this late in the season. Paris could have gone with an amateur or tried to buy out a veteran player but it seems they’re taking a safer approach.

That safe approach could yield decent results though, as Zaptius played well in Stage 3 with London. He posted a 0.97 KD throughout the entirety of Stage 3, including the Major, which is slightly above average.

The former Raven is a SMG player who slides into Classic’s role nicely. Although Zaptius isn’t the fastest moving SMG in the league, he plays at a decent pace. This should help Paris with their entries in Hardpoint and Control. Also, his prowess in Search and Destroy should help the team’s ongoing issues in the game mode.

Overall, this move by the Legion likely won’t provide the juice they need to make it into the top eight of the CDL and the champs bracket. They’re currently 60 points behind the Florida Mutineers in the standings, which is a steep hill to climb. However, Zaptius could be an improvement over Classic, which means Paris might be more competitive in Stage 4.

Zaptius and the Legion make their debut at the OpTic Chicago Home Series when they take on Atlanta FaZe on Thursday, May 27.