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The Paris Eternal signed Finnish off-tank Ilari “Vestola” Vestola, formerly of the British Hurricane Contenders team, as the team’s new starting off-tank. Paris announced the signing of Vestola on the same day that Elliot “Ellivote” Vaneryd retired from the team.

Vestola’s path to the Eternal

The Paris Eternal are keeping to their European roots, picking up another prospect from the European contenders scene. Being part of the competitive scene since early 2019, Vestola has been part of many staple European teams including Clockwork Vendetta, Young and Beautiful, Ex Oblivione and British Hurricane most recently.

His peak within the contenders scene came recently with a win over Ex Oblivione, his former team in the grand finals in the first bracket of the EU Contenders season.  British Hurricane lost in the semi-finals in April, but Vestola’s D.Va and Sigma play impressed.

Paris looking to improve on the fly

When Arthur “dridro” Szanto came in to replace main-tank Alberto “neptuNo” González, the Eternal started to steadily improve. A win against the Washington Justice was a solid sweep of a highly-regarded top tier team. Regardless of where the meta at is with Overwatch, Paris came together for a much-needed win. They are 1-1 heading into two tough but winnable games against the rising Boston Uprising and Los Angeles Gladiators.

The main question mark relies with how Vestola will do in the transition from Contenders to the Overwatch League, although the Eternal must have liked what they saw of him this year. We’ll see Vestola’s debut in Paris’s next game against the Uprising on June 5. You can watch it here on YouTube.