Pantheon rework preview: New abilities and skins for the champion

Pantheon rework preview: New abilities and skins for the champion

Pantheon is a champion in League of Legends based on the ancient Spartan warriors. Back in April, it was first announced Pantheon would be receiving a full visual and gameplay rework. On July 29, Riot Games revealed two videos surrounding Pantheon and the upcoming rework detailing their design process and concept art.

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History and champion kit

Pantheon was originally released back on Feb. 2, 2010, the 28th champion to be released after the initial 17 that arrived with the game’s launch. The first video has the developers talk about what went into the redesigning of one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and showcase what the new abilities will look like.

From what we can see in the video, his core gameplay stays relatively similar. At first sight, it appears his Q, Spear Shot, will soon become a close-range skill shot. Aegis of Zeonia, Pantheon’s W ability, is expected to stay the same, while his E, Heartseeker Strike, now allows you to move while you are using it and seemingly blocks incoming attacks while it is active. Pantheon’s R, Grand Skyfall, similarly has the same concept, but you can now see him jump through the sky, rather than seeing him jump up in one location and land in another.

Pantheon skin rework

The second video showcases more of the concept design and how the process of his visual update came to be. Pantheon has eight different skins the designers had to take into account. In the video, many of the designs for what these skins will look like can be seen as well. 

The visual and gameplay update for Pantheon is expected to be later this year. However, the Pantheon rework will be added to the PBE later this week. For more of League of Legends, be sure to check out Rekkles, and his 1500th kill in the LEC.