2016 Overwatch APEX

Dates Oct 07 - Dec 31

Location Online/LAN, International

Prize Pool $178,000

Standings & Brackets

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Tournament Info


OGN presents the Overwatch APEX! This three-month long league will stretch between October and December, holding a total prize pool of $170,000!

The league will consist of two tiers of teams. One higher tier and one lower, respectively called Tier one and Tier two.

Tier one will mainly consist of South Korean teams, with twelve of the sixteen total teams in the first tier being qualified Korean players. The four remaining, however, will be filled with invited North American and European teams.

Tier two will only feature South Korean ''Challenger'' teams.

Format & Rules
Prize Pool Distribution
1st Place $90,000
2nd Place $36,000
3rd Place $9,000

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