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A look at the playoff and play-in bubble

Barring any major upsets to bubble teams the only things I see switching are London moving up to 5 and if Seoul beats Shanghai, AND Hangzhou lose to Shanghai then Seoul will jump to 6th, personally I find this likely. Other than that, Hunters looks safe due to 2 of the Valiants last 3 being against San Francisco and Gladiators, they also have Boston but that wont be enough unless Houston can upset Chengdu then Valiant would get the 12th spot most likely due to their superior map differential.



Speculation:Will Shanghai Dragons become a top tier team?

Most of us know, the Shanghai Dragons were absolutely the worst team last year, sporting a 0-40 record. It also looked like the trend was to continue, until they beat Boston. They’ve appeared to improve this year, beating out the champions from last year in a tiebreaker match. They also made it to the playoffs for the first time, a huge feat for them. It seems to me that this OWL season may be their redemption arc. Or they may have just been getting lucky. Only time will tell.