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Overwatch's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 22 Aug 2019


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The 2020 schedule was announced and it's a lot to sift through by yourself. For the travel estimate article, Eric Doerr used a lot of underlying data that we want to share with you today. In a customizable tool that can create your personal 2020 Overwatch League schedules, you can unclutter your season and plan ahead.

The officially released PDF only offered local event times, but this tool will convert all times to your desired time zone, even considering Daylight Saving switches. It is also possible to designate your preferred viewing hours to identify how many games and events you can watch live.

Overwatch League 2020 Custom Schedule Tool

Basic use 

  1. Make a copy of the workbook to your Google Drive account (File/Make a Copy)
  2. Update orange cells for favorite team and timezone

Color or format the resulting table as desired.

Advanced use

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This tool is a pivot table user’s dream with plenty of fields to work with. It could also be a good pivot table teaching tool. Just click on the table (blueish formating) then play with Pivot table options in the right frame, Rows, Columns, Values, Filters.

Do you like multiple teams? Use the Pivot Table editor to Add Rows for  "SEO plays" "SHD plays" and "LDN plays" and you can see all three teams (recommend unchecking show totals). You can also produce division & conference specific outcomes. An Event-based pivot table is also available, and the black worksheets hold the underlying data. 

Anybody is welcome to use this to generate Outlook calendars, and please comment with a link if you do. All 2020 regular season matches are scheduled for two hours, taking place on Saturdays and Sundays per the event location.  

Some underlying assumptions had to be made:

  • The TBD Week 10 homestand is assumed to be hosted by the Gladiators until further notice
  • Venue and ticket price information may be available at a later date
  • Custom daylight saving dates are supported, though it gets complex. Southern hemisphere may have issues with this.

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