Jayne off-loads part of the Elo Hell workload

Brian "Kray" Goodrow steps in as Director of Business Development

Overwatch's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 6 Aug 2019


Graphic via Elo Hell Esports

Popular streaming and YouTube personality as well as assistant coach of the Dallas Fuel, Justin "Jayne" Conroy and his company Elo Hell Esports have named Brian "Kray" Goodrow as Director of Business Development. With this, Jayne concentrates on the creative direction of Elo Hell while maintaining his coaching duties on the Dallas Fuel. He will also retain his role as a founder of Elo Hell.

"I'm looking forward to producing the highest quality educational content and the most entertaining community events alongside the entire EHE team" Jayne said in a statement, hinting at continued personal involvement in Elo Hell's content. On his personal Twitter account, Jayne explained that the move was made to remove some of the workload he has been experiencing over the season.

Jayne had been vocal about the strains that the league and his commitment to his content creating career put him under. The community received the news in anticipation of Jayne's return to regular content creation and in hope of his quick recovery.

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As one of Overwatch's most prolific content creators, Jayne made a name for himself in platforming community experts about their opinion of competitive Overwatch as well as providing educational content for the average Overwatch player in an entertaining way. After taking on the role of an assistant coach for the Dallas Fuel for the second season of the Overwatch League, Jayne's content output understandably slowed down. Jayne has also been voted in as the General Manager for the Canadian Overwatch World Cup team.

Elo Hell Esports provides educational as well as esports focused content on their YouTube and Twitch channels. The company has produced broadcasts for North American Open Division & Contenders Trials as well as the English stream for Contenders Korea. They also organize and broadcast the Tournament for Future Champions. On their YouTube channel, Elo Hell tackles topical dicussions happening in the competitive and general Overwatch community.

You can find all relevant links to Elo Hell Esports' content here.


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