OWL players give tips on bunker-busting

Bastion got you bitter? Here's how to bust through.

Overwatch's Icon Katrina Weil · 22 Jul 2019


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With 2-2-2 role lock currently being tested on Overwatch’s PTR, the difficult-to-break bunker composition is a strategy that might be utilized more often, especially on Assault maps. Struggling with breaking the bunker in ranked? OWL pros have a variety of tips to help you overcome this defense.

Zachary "ZachaREEE" Lombardo, Dallas Fuel:

So usually the focal point of the comp you’re playing, if you’re playing against it, is a Pharah or a Sombra. If you noticed in our match against Paris on, well, Paris, they were playing Sombra/Genji. So ideally you want to set up a really big ult play: they were doing EMP with Nano-Blade. You want to build up EMP because it makes it so Bastion can’t sit in his sentry form anymore, so that’s usually the main idea. But you want to flank around, you can’t just jump at them from main. If you do that, you just get deleted. 

Hammond is strong against Bastion, Sombra is strong against him, characters that can get around that he can’t just delete from close range, such as small characters, flankers, pretty much. Or another approach to it is spam, so you can use heroes like Pharah, Hanzo, Sombra, or Zen, and then just break shield. Then get around them and flank them while they’re waiting for shield to come up. 

Petja "Masaa" Kantanen, Atlanta Reign: 

At some point you’re going to get your ultimates and then be able to cap the point. It takes time to dislodge that Orisa/Bastion combo, you have to be patient and we just ran out of patience in Paris because we weren’t breaking the shield, getting the picks, stuff like that.

It’s so much damage in a short time, so if you for example, watching them play, they rotated so well and had the D.Va to body-block us the shield stayed, they did everything right. It’s so hard, because it’s designed to punish slow-moving comps because as soon as you don’t have speed amp, you’re like sitting ducks. The Pharah can shoot you, your Reinhardt shield melts in a second, you only have 2 seconds of Defense Matrix. Especially on Paris, the choke is so small, you need to rotate so far of a distance and get like six ultimates every time even before you get into the area. 

Kyle "KSF" Frandanisa, Los Angeles Valiant:

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In general against bunker comp, you want to spam, so run Hanzo, Pharah, double sniper maybe. Break their shield and force them into a position where they don’t want to go. Then pick them off when they aren’t thinking or are out of position.

Dong-gyu "Mano" Kim, New York Excelsior:

So there’s a lot of variations of bunker comps, there are teams that use Widow, teams that use Pharah, but bunker comp has its weaknesses too. So we as a team have a good understanding of those weaknesses.

First, bunker comps have really bad mobility, so one thing you can do is pick a Tracer or Wrecking Ball and then go to the point.  That way the enemy team has to go to the point, and they can’t focus on your teammates as much because they have to go to the point first. That diverts their attention. Or you could go the opposite, which is to get a better poking comp than the bunker comp, and then just break the shield. 

And for those who are enjoying defending with bunker and want to subject their opponents to even more cheese...

Hydration, Los Angeles Gladiators:

When you use Mei, it’s more of insurance against the attack, because sometimes just a Bastion alone isn’t enough to stop it. But if you have a Mei, her walls are very strong, especially on the narrow choke on Hanamura. 

Playing Bastion’s always fun. It’s relaxing because you just sit there, especially when you have a Baptiste. You don’t really have to think about moving or getting out of harm’s way, because your team is just there to protect you. So you can just sit there and shoot the whole time.

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