We're getting closer to finding out about hero 31: Sigma

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place

Overwatch's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 21 Jul 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Another hero teaser has appeared on the official Overwatch twitter account.

The 14-second clip shows the shoulder part of what looks like an orange prison or test subject uniform. A name tag with the word “subject” can be seen that goes alongside the mathematical symbol Σ, which is commonly referred to as Sigma. Furthermore, the name tag shows a bar code which hasn’t been decoded or shown to be of significance yet. After a couple of seconds, an alarm signal starts flashing.

The tweet itself asks, "What is that melody?” and indeed the piano music from the last teaser is once again playing. It has since been identified as Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No.1. The significance of this might be that the French composer referred to himself as a “phonometrician,” a label coined for someone who measures sounds.

In combination with yesterday’s teaser, which showed different equations, we can speculate that hero 31 will weaponize sound or music in a scientific way. Moreover, we can speculate that Sigma might have been a prisoner because of the uniform and the alarm noises, signaling what could be a prison break.

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The community has been feverishly trying to decipher the cryptic messages we’ve received. Perhaps the most sophisticated and plausible interpretation of yesterday’s teaser came from reddit user u/ztokdo.

In a thread, ztokdo identifies the different equations and interprets them as hints for what Sigma’s abilities might look like. According to those findings, the first ability could perhaps be a “grenade which curves bullets and projectiles” around it, while the second ability might be an anti-gravity beam. According to ztokdo, the last two equations might hint towards Sigma’s ultimate, a protective barrier that would use the collected energy from incoming bullets and store it for later use.

Today, twitter user "OverwatchNaeri" had posted two pictures: one of alleged artwork of Sigma as well as a screenshot from the official Overwatch fan page which supposedly showed a description of Sigma’s abilities.

While the artwork has later been identified as fan art, Naeri (a user that has shared inside information which later turned out to be accurate) has made a second tweet containing only the picture of the description of Sigma. Curiously, the description shows several grammatical errors and atypical language for a hero introduction post from the official website.

According to the screenshot, Sigma would be classified as a tank hero with robotic augmentations which allow him to deal high amounts of damage and bleeding effects.

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